“How an internship in Marketing can help you?” | by Sukriti Priya(3...

“How an internship in Marketing can help you?” | by Sukriti Priya(3 Marketing & Sales internships in 9 months.)


In the current era of competition, it is important to continuously be engaged in something productive to stand out from the usual crowd of degree-holding students. Keeping that in mind, during the winters of 2012 while I was pursuing my Bachelor’s in Commerce, I decided to go for an internship. This is when Letsintern came to my rescue. I have completed 3 very successful Marketing and Sales internships through Letsintern with the following well-known organisations:
1. Pepsi co.’s Lipton Ice Tea.
2. Dell Computers.
3. Vogue Eye-wear.

Being my first shot at internships through an online portal, the experience was quite interesting and getting associated with such established brands at the initial stage of my career simply added to my excitement. Being a commerce student since the beginning, subjects like Marketing and Sales were only theory to me until I had hands-on experience with them, through my internships.

As a Lipton Tea marketer, our job was to create brand advocacy of Lipton Ice Tea, the world’s leading tea brand, within our own niche peer network, both online and offline. This included telling people about Lipton Tea and driving them to avail Lipton Ice Tea Refresh Offers. We were also responsible for distributing Lipton Ice Tea in our campus, once a week and keeping track of the feedback. Apart from this we also generated leads with colleges to have Lipton Ice Tea vending machines in their canteen and food courts. This was to encourage college partnerships, event & youth engagement for the brand.

As Campus Ambassador for Vogue Eye-wear, we were supposed to create awareness regarding Vogue Eyewear products within our campus and outside. We were given free products for personal use, following which we needed to generate feedback for the brand/product. Vogue Eye-wear also had an online competition running at that time called the Vogue Eyewear Summer House Contest and we were responsible to increase participation in it. The best part was that this was a virtual internship which meant I did not have to work out of an office but only had to dedicate a few hours every week as my contribution.

For Dell, the key tasks assigned to me as an intern were quite similar to the ones in my previous internships, where I was to market their product and make the brand gain more familiarity amongst the crowd. We were a group of people who were assigned various assignments which included making videos and using Social Media as an important tool for marketing and building a well communicated channel for user interaction.

I chose my friends at college and outside as my primary social network to market the products for all of my internships and managed to complete my tasks before time. Impressed with the targets achieved, I was even declared as the most successful Campus Ambassador by Dell Computers as well as Pepsi co’s Lipton Ice tea. This certainly gave a boost to my confidence and encouraged me to take up more internships ahead.

Through my internships, I learnt how important it is to build social as well as professional connections, interact with various target markets and understand overall consumer behavior, which in my opinion, constitute the three very critical points as far as marketing goes.

Apart from this, I realized that no matter how far we go with technology and creation of interesting tools,  personal interaction and customer satisfaction will still remain to be the primary goals of marketing. Of course, time management was a crucial lesson learnt and strikingly I now find myself more aware about the Office software tools that can be used to organize work at a corporate desk.

I am currently doing a content writing internship with giftxoxo.com.

Nouman Khan from Letsintern has been true motivator and has helped me a lot throughout. As said earlier, living in a competitive and dynamic world like ours, I have come to realize that practical knowledge always adds a dimension to your learning . Letsintern offering virtual internships is an advantage indeed which  certainly needs to be promoted in more colleges and organisations.

Sukriti Priya is currently pursuing her Master’s in International Business from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore.

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