MBA internships| What does a Business Development executive do?

MBA internships| What does a Business Development executive do?

Business development is about divining growth possibilities and creating a strategy to achieve them. Useful to know, if you want to be the face of your company as your big summer internship.


Charting out the strategy for future growth - all in the day for a business development executive.
Creating strategy for future growth: a business development executive’s work.

What does a Business Development Executive do? That’s a question you may have in your mind, while you browse through our listings for summer internships in 2017. Especially if you’re looking for MBA internships.

What is business development?

By definition, business development consists of tasks and processes looking into the potential growth possibilities and chart out a strategy to achieve them.

Forbes calls the career role all about creating long-term value for the company, among all its people. These include direct/indirect customers, the larger market and all interwoven relationships.

An entrepreneur and an idealist in mind, a BD executive strategises the way forward – after a clear study of the market’s needs and the directions in which the business should go. The executive is one part market researcher, one part co-ordinator and one part marketer – pitching new proposals and persuading their business or clients to accept them.

Here is what a business development executive does:

– Assist sales by contributing to new customer acquisition

– Pursue new business leads: Build new contacts, make cold calls and arrange meetings

– Work on new business proposals, presentations and represent the company to future clients

Skills needed for a Business Development Executive:

– Strong customer service skills, negotiation skills and interpersonal skills

– Communication skills: Verbal, Written and creating Pitch Presentations

– Detail orientation, ability to work under pressure

Opportunities available for Business Development internships:

Many startups and small-time businesses prefer to bring on board interns who would scout opportunities or research on existing ones, to further their chances in the industry. In the same time, most business courses (be it a BBA or an MBA) require a few months of internship as part of the course requirements, bringing a stream of these candidates to the market, especially during the summer period.

On the LetsIntern portal, you could find opportunities with established brands and startups alike.

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