“Mu Sigma is about the awesome culture, knowledgeable managers, cool peer group...

“Mu Sigma is about the awesome culture, knowledgeable managers, cool peer group and hell lot of learning from every corner.” – Manu Jain, Former Employee, Mu Sigma.



  1. What is your job-role? Tell us at least three things you handle on a daily basis.
    Mu Sigma is a company which makes engineers half MBA grads. The following text will tell you how.
    So here is the work that I used to do:
    Job Role Summary: Normally, the day starts with a client or on-site phone call where we, the Business Analysts ( now the designation has been changed to Training Decision Scientist) get our daily task. If the task is some business problem, then using some frameworks defined by company, we define the problem, find the root cause of the problem, get the data for it. do some number crunching and finally share our findings + insights with on-site or client. The entire work is done under the guidance of either Manager or Senior Business Analyst until you yourself becomes an expert into that domain. If the task is weekly deliverable then you pull the data from the client’s server and perform the analysis and deliver the report.

    This is the work we Mu Sigmans normally do but we don’t like to tell it in the above format. Now allow me to tell you. what we do, in Mu Sigman style.Job Role Summary:  Data-driven professional offering strengths in extracting, manipulating and analyzing data using industry indicators and variables. The interaction with client on a regular basis helps understand  & define business problem, execute and deliver the analytical solution. The role was to solve business problems using statistical analysis, generate insights based on reports & analysis, translate statistical/mathematical results into business recommendations.The reason I flaunt about my language and work is to tell you that Mu Sigma is not just about some mathematical calculation. Mu Sigma is about the awesome culture, the knowledgeable managers, the cool peer group and hell lot of learning from every corner. In Mu Sigma I learnt half of the management concepts taught in any B School. I became a marketer, I grasped the best practices of the industry to solve any business problem and I gained many, many non tangible things from my peer group.

  1. Tell us your educational qualification. Looking back on it, would do you have opted for a different approach, degree, certification or course?
    Mu Sigma maintains a list of college and hires laterally and on-campus. They need engineers as Business Analysts, mostly. I got into Mu Sigma from campus. I did my graduation from NIT Jaipur in Electrical Engineering
  1. What extra-curricular/work experience activities did you indulge in, during your school/college which you think might have contributed to your interest in pursuing this job?
    I think the advantage I had was my internships. I spent my 2nd year and 3r year as an intern in IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta. I maintained a diversified portfolio from photography to movie making, as marketing associate in the fest to attending technical conferences. I think they want people who have problem solving ability and diversified portfolio. You can have a look at my resume when I was in Mu Sigma which was also featured on Letsintern a while back.
  1. What was the interview process for MuSigma like?
    Mu Sigma changes its process every year. During my time it was Aptitude Test, followed by an essay, then there were 2 interviews (one logical and one HR), but I heard that they have changed this now. They have started taking “C” Language exam and added many more things.
  1. Have you ever done an internship during your college, or after? We’d love to hear about it!
    I did 5 internships during my graduation and I think that made all the difference.
    1) Areva T&D India Limited, Hosur (T.N), India : Here, I worked on Lean Manufacturing plus explored the electrical side of the plant.
    2) Powergrid Corporation of India Limited, Gurgaon (U.P.), India: Here, I got hands on experience of the Indian Transmission and Distribution System and Smart Grid.
    3) Multimetals Limited, Kota (Rajasthan), India:  I understood the electrical equipments used in plant plus worked in Export Department of the company doing secondary marketing Research for finding the prospective customers.
    4)IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta: I worked as a researcher helping professors in their research work
  1. We recently featured your resume as one of the best creative resumes by an Indian. What prompted you to go for that kind of resume instead of the traditional paper one?
    Only one feeling: To stand out from the crowd. In my life I have done many things just because everyone around me was doing that. Even when it came to the resume template, I played safe and used the most traditional style, but as you know people don’t recognize you when you are one among the crowd.
  2.  How did the employers respond to it? Any stories you want to share! 🙂
    They laughed and appreciated. One funny part was when I got a call from Google, Singapore. The first question HR asked me was (the 4thpoint of the Brief History) “So what happened in your first relationship that led to self-awakening”. I know I could not stop laughing after hearing that.
  3. What will that one piece of advice you’d like to give to students who want to have a job like yours in the near future?
    Caution: I would not suggest you to follow this until you firmly believe in it. Do not align your college life activities in accordance with a particular company. Do what you love and then during the interview connect all activities and form a story. 😛My Current Status: After leaving Mu Sigma, I joined IMT Ghaziabad from my MBA. Currently I am working on my 2nd startup i.e Admito (www.admito.in). It is platform which tells the 10 B Schools best suited to you. It aims to empower MBA aspirants by providing reliable and exhaustive information for their college selection process in a very understandable way. The focus is to match the students’ personality and background to colleges’ life and its offerings, using high end analytical techniques.

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