Now Get Your License Issued At Your College: College Life

Now Get Your License Issued At Your College: College Life

Delhi Colleges might soon be able to issue learners' licence to make your college life all the more exciting and happening.


Now universities will be able to issue you a learners' licence.
Now universities will be able to issue you a learners’ licence.

Delhi college students are in for a treat. If everything falls into place, then very soon you won’t have to stand in serpentine queues to get your learning license issued. Your college life will get a new dose of fun with easily available learning licences.

Recognising the fact that the people falling in the age bracket of 18-22 are the ones who actively apply for driving licence, the government has pushed this move up for approval.

At the moment there are a total of 13 motor licencing offices in the city. With a population reaching in crores, 13 licencing offices are too less and cannot keep up with the demand of the burgeoning youth force.

To make things easier, not only on the licencing authorities but the students, this move had been thought of. With it in force, educational institutes will be able to issue learners’ licence to their students.

The fact that educational institutes are now picking up the mantel does not mean that students will get to skip the online test.

Students above or of 18 years of age who score a minimum of 60% in the online test will be eligible to get the learners’ licence.

If approved, it is being hoped that the move will come into place by September. The whole project will kick-start with government’s polytechnic colleges. Colleges which fall under the Delhi government, such as Ambedkar institute will also have the licence to conduct the online test.

Around 88 colleges under Delhi University will be included in the list and students will soon have a horde of licencing centres to apply at.

The online test will be conducted once every week. There will be a total of 10 questions and answering 6 of them correctly will make you eligible to collect your learners’ licence.

The project is being looked at favourably from all quarters and it might be soon that it is actually into force. If this happens then it will be the first time in Indian history that anyone other that MLOs will be authorised by the government to issue learners’ licence.

While you must jumping up and down in relief on hearing this news that your college life is going to be all the more exciting. However, you will still be happier when you will be able to afford the costs of having your own car and bike. You can do that only by doing internships. There are many online internship portals like Letsintern that accumulate numerous internships under one roof. You can choose to do virtual internships or part-time or full-time internships in Delhi, depending on your choice.