Featured Internship Story | Pallavi Joshi, Brand Advocate, Ambi Pur tells us...

Featured Internship Story | Pallavi Joshi, Brand Advocate, Ambi Pur tells us about her ‘awesome’ internship experience!


I was a marketing intern with P&G India, where I worked as the brand advocate for their very well-known brand called – AmbiPur, which manufactures air fresheners. I discovered the internship through Letsintern and was was required to complete a certain number of weekly tasks assigned to other brand advocates along with me. Each task had a deadline assigned, and I, personally found them all easy and hardly time – consuming. Not only this, it was fun to do them –  from sharing our opinions about the the odors we hate, to creating our own ads using the Facebook app – Bitstrips, I never had to put my college or social life on hold to complete them.

Since it was a virtual internship that involved a lot of online marketing as a part of my job, I got to work from the comfort of my home. As a brand advocate, my key responsibilities included advocating the brand by getting to know the products myself and learning the fabulous ways in which the product was better than its competition. The first step of understanding the use of the products was very crucial, as it helped me market them better, knowing that I believed in the product myself, and hence was able to answer any questions people had about its functionalities easily.

The best part and what I consider as one of my biggest achievements during the internship, was when I was chosen as one of the top 3 performers from my batch, and it still gives me immense happiness whenever I remember that moment when I was told that I will be getting the prestigious opportunity to meet Ms. Sonali Dhawan – the  Marketing Director of P&G India, for lunch in Mumbai.

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I received ALL the amazing rewards the internship offered – the professional CV Guidance, the mock interview, one on one career counselling from a senior marketing professional and more than anything else, I learnt exactly what marketing is all about.

Mock interview was a great confidence boost, and helped me overcome my fears about interviews in general. The professional CV Guidance taught me the do’s and don’ts of CV making, that will help me leave a larger impact on the prospective company I’d apply for in the future. One on one career counselling workshop was amazing too. We  got to hear the real life incidents of a senior marketing professional, which was an eye-opener.

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..and how can I forget the wonderful people I worked with?  Mani Makkar, Vaani Behl, Sanchit Aggarwal, Akshay Gautam and Richa Mahajan, all of them are AMAZING and I enjoyed every second with them. There was also my cluster manager, Siddharth Roy, who convinced me for the internship when I initially felt like backing out. My journey began, thanks to him. As for the mentors, of course, there is Nikita Gulati, who is the project manager, and hats off to her for the job she was doing and still does. She was there throughout the journey- even in Mumbai. Then, last but not the least Mr. Srikanth (a.k.a Naina Gupta), who encouraged us every step of the way. We owe the amazing Mumbai experience to him.

I’d recommend this internship to everyone (Yes, even for those who have nothing to do with marketing!). Its brilliant, and if nothing else, the rewards compensate for everything. It was my first internship and I got to have ALL the rewards. You get to meet new people, who guide and encourage you throughout and you’ll love every moment of what you take away from the internship.

Pallavi Joshi is a third year student at Zakir Hussain College, Delhi University, Delhi. She is pursuing her Bachelors and Honors in Commerce. 

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