PhaseShift – 2014 | Events, Seminars, Workshop, Panel Discussion, Flea Market and...

PhaseShift – 2014 | Events, Seminars, Workshop, Panel Discussion, Flea Market and more!


What is PhaseShift?

BMSCE is conducting the exclusive ‘Annual National Tech Event – PhaseShift 2014’ during September 6-8, 2014 at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore campus. The PhaseShift 2014 is a unique platform consisting of panel discussion on Industry-Institute Interaction, Presentation of student projects, technical Paper presentations by students, Product presentations by the industry, Interaction among the faculty and experts from the industry, workshops/seminars to the students from experienced resource persons from the industry, student competitions on various technical skill sets, interactions with Alumni having successful entrepreneurship background.

Hardware Design Contest, Auto Quiz, RLC Contest, Bomb Diffusion, Rags to Riches, AD-APT Product Launch, Deadline (Case Study), Electronics Genius, Codeword:Labview, Fun with MATLAB, Alchemist, Hack-king, Hackerrank – Coding & Debugging, Green Bricks and more. You can more details about their events and register here.


Automobile Design, Software Testing, Ethical Hacking, Ornithopter,LEGO-a hardware interface of MATLAB, PCB Design and more.  You can more details about their workshops and register here.

What’s more?
Conceptual and Application Based, Paper Presentation, Technical Events, Panel Discussion and to top it all a Flea Market in association with the Bangalore E-Cell Network.

 September 6, 7, 8.

You can visit their official website here, and look out for more updates on their Facebook Page.


PhaseShift aims at enhancing the Industry-Institute Interaction with active participation by all the stakeholders, identify the gap between the expectations of the industry and current knowledge and skill sets of the student community, harness the graduate attributes of budding engineers as recognised all over the world, prepare a path to be tread for bridging the gap, expose the student talent by encouraging them to participate in various technical competitions and promote the need to innovate in the technical field through talks by eminent resource persons.

At the end of the BMSCE Tech event PhaseShift 2014, students and participants are expected to gain acquiescence in
– Individual and team work in multi-disciplinary settings, effective communication on complex engineering activities and being able to make effective presentations.
– Demonstration of knowledge and understanding of engineering and management principles and apply to one’s work.
– Most importantly apply ethical principles and commit to responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.

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