Pick Out Yours From These Major Internships in Mumbai (1Lakh)

Pick Out Yours From These Major Internships in Mumbai (1Lakh)

Do you aspire to have a successful dive into the world of careers? Opting for internships is the key! Internships in Mumbai are excellent offers.


Top internships in Mumbai
Top internships from the alpha world city of India.

With November beginning on a fresh note, many students are now working towards preparing for the next big milestone– the mid-semester exams! However, there are still those who can marvellously balance their college life and internships. And it is for those people, that we bring a slow and steady stream of winter internships in India (city by city). They are also the ones who would opt for today’s selection of Internships In Mumbai.

The six opportunities which we have picked for you this week, include positions in Marketing, sales internships and HR internships.

Here are the top Internships In Mumbai this week:

Augmented reality Developer Private

Stipend: Rs 15000-25000

No. of Openings: 2

Apply by: November 29, 2017

Data Entry Shefi Diamonds

Stipend: Rs 10000-20000

No. of Openings: 5

Apply by: November 29, 2017

Lead Brand Management BeBajrang

Stipend: Rs 20000-30000

No. of Openings: 1

Apply by: November 28, 2017

Senior/Assistant Manager – Human Resource Reisefrei Services Pvt. Ltd.

Stipend: Rs 60000-100000

No. of Openings: 3

Apply by:  November 28, 2017

Business Development executive RK Media

Stipend: Rs 10000-30000

No. of Openings: 5

Apply by: November 29, 2017

Big Data Analytics Engineer Boston Analytics

Stipend: Rs 10000-50000

No. of Openings: 5

Apply by: November 25, 2017

Event Planning Estilo Events

Stipend: Rs 5000-20000

No. of Openings: 3

Apply by: November 24, 2017

Recruitment Executive Genetic Callnet Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

Stipend: Rs 8000-20000

No. of Openings: 5

Apply by: November 29, 2017


Did you find your perfect fit? You can always come back for more paid internships in India, either on a city by city basis or on the basis of your core interest areas. You can also send us your comments or requests through the comments section below!