From intern to entrepreneur | “The journey of a lifetime begins with...

From intern to entrepreneur | “The journey of a lifetime begins with one step.” – Piyush Sadh.


I have always believed that all that you dream of, can be achieved, if you take the much-required initiative to work for it. For me, the journey of taking internships wasn’t just limited to being associated with an organization for a few months and learning the tidbits of the corporate world, instead, it was through my internships that I was introduced to a whole new world of opportunities, just waiting to be explored. My story does start with finding internships through Letsintern, which I was first introduced to in 2010, but it ends(or rather continues)with me finding the courage to set up two of my very own successful ventures.

Learning while working didn’t just come with a completely new level of experience, but it subsequently motivated me to take the route of entrepreneurship, following which I started WHOOT, that works to connect in-house bands and various individual artists across the country to the musical festivals and events happening across India. This gives them a chance to showcase their talent on a public platform and gain popularity by increasing their visibility. WHOOT also is proudly an all girl enterprise.

The very basic idea to start WHOOT was the overwhelming response I got during my internship with Channel V Indiafest. I interned with them from June 2011 to February 2012, where I worked as their Campus Manager and handled communication through Social Media.  Once I began sharing their posts & events on Facebook and on my blog, contacts of various artists and self-formed bands started pouring in and I realized that India was actually a power-packed talent-house of youth just waiting to be discovered. All they needed for a bit of good networking and a welcoming platform to begin. This is where WHOOT came in!

Apart from this, as an extended work profile, I was also responsible for representing my college – Amity University – in different events and acting as a marketing touch point for Indiafest to generate maximum participation. This internship now only helped me expand my social network of friends and professional contacts but I also realized that Social Media when used right holds a power beyond imagination. I was one of the lucky few who got to see the Indiafest grand finale in Goa, which was an amazing experience, where I got to see all the final events and concerts live. I still have the xerox of my payment cheque that I got for my internship from Channel V, as a reminder of all the good times spent while working for them.

As for WHOOT, we got an overwhelming response in a very short time. I acquired around 3000 followers on Facebook and in about an year, we had 14 different bands across the country working with us.

I also had an opportunity to intern at Letsintern as their campus ambassador, where I was worked closely with the Letsintern team, on the ‘Start Young’ campaign, which encourages college students to pursue internships in order to gain some form of professional experience along with their degree, when they graduate. We, as ambassadors acted as the single point of contact for Letsintern in our colleges, providing information and answering any sort of queries and misconceptions that people might have about internships. We also organized activities, campaigns and events, to create brand advocacy for Letsintern using concept marketing principles.

Since, life is always about moving on and experimenting with new things, I decided to go a little slow with WHOOT, but of course, life just didn’t come to a halt. I was very drawn to the Spanish language in my first year at Amity and over the years, the interest in it increased even more. So, I decided to pursue a diploma in Spanish from the prestigious Instituto Cervantes Nueva in Delhi, after which, I started Piyush Sadh Inc, in August 2013, through which I aim to bridge the communication gap, that has arisen due to digitization of the world. Using my skills and those of the vast resource pool of Spanish speaking professionals, I, through Piyush Sadh Inc, offer services in document translation, localization, interpretation, audio/video transcription, video subtitling, voice over dubbing and recording to individuals, enterprises, hospitals and clinics, clinical research groups, government organizations, non-government entities, military groups, humanitarian groups, and non-profit organizations.
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Today when I appear for MBA examinations and interviews; I can see my applications being are looked at with a different interest because of the work I’ve done in the past and all the internship experiences on my resume, which  certainly sets me apart from the crowd, for which I have a lot of people to thank.

Firstly, I believe that Letsintern had a great contribution taking me where I am today, for which I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the co-founders and their whole team. The meetings we had with our head, Heena Bhalla, were not only just memorable but fun and rewarding. I am thankful to everyone of my friends who supported me in every step I planned to take and more importantly who believed in me that I can make it big!

Piyush Sadh has been a student of Amity University, Noida and Instituto Cervantes Nueva, Delhi in the past. She was also a marketing intern at The Gig Week and The Sixth Ocean Project. 

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