Thinking of Post Graduation? | See that you have taken care of...

Thinking of Post Graduation? | See that you have taken care of these 6 things first!


So many questions tend to occupy our minds after graduation whether taking up a job would be more wise, or going in for a post graduate degree or a drop year would be more suitable.

Listed below are some of the points which will help you in developing a better understanding of how to plan your future.

1. Let me jump in the well because my friend is;
You spend most of your undergraduate years making friends and getting accustomed to being around a certain group of people. Hence, it is normal for anyone to want to have them around after college ends for the sake of familiarity. Don’t fall trap to this. Going for something that your friend is opting for, is a mistake most of us make, only to realize that when it comes to really coping up with the course you got yourself into, having company doesn’t solve everything.

2. Ask the right questions:
Sit down and think. Why do I want a post graduate degree? Does it help my resume? What do you see yourself doing five years down the line? Are you happy doing it? Will your post graduate degree help you in getting there? Is money your prime concern? Will you rather be comfortable working on something you love at a decent salary when most of everyone you know have their bank balance a rather too high? Consult seniors. Seek career counselling, if needed and most importantly, be curious.

3. Do your homework:
To make sure that you’re on the right track, research is highly essential. So, read up on the course you’re planning to pursue. Go through the syllabus and see if it interests you. Look into the career prospects that the course will offer, if you’re using it as a basis to improve your work opportunity. “If you are pursuing postgraduate study to improve your employability, consider yourself from an employers perspective. What skills will they look for? Do you need to gain relevant work experience as well as the further qualification? Is work experience offered as part of the course? Is the qualification recognized and respected?” asks the University of Newcastle upon Tyne’s Careers Service

4. Brace yourselves. Thesis is coming!
No matter how fascinating a subject might be, postgraduate thesis are long, tedious and require burning your midnight lamp.  If the thought of rigorous study, handling a vast field confined syllabus and writing a dissertation within a year sends a shiver down your spine, then you aren’t ready for further studies. Not only this, ask yourself if you have the nerves to sit and study the same small subject you have one lecture of in undergraduate college, for years.

5. Prepare to be broke again:
Be prepared for your newly employed friends to be talking paychecks and promotions whilst you still having to be patient with your studies to actually reach that stage. If you’re impatient and all you can think of are ideas about how you’ll start earning money quickly, opting for further studies might not be advisable as this requires hard work and 100% dedication. However, there are quite a few people who take up part time jobs and internships during their course of post graduate studies. If you think you can handle your studies along with a job, then your option of working along with studying is always there.

 6. No, you don’t get a ticket to so-much-money once you’re done:
A postgraduate course is definitely not a platinum ticket that will allow you to walk unannounced into any organisation and have CEOs or managers of a particular workplace running behind you to provide you the opportunity of your dreams. Also, bear in mind that a Post Graduate Degree is not your shortcut to fame and earning lots of money.  A lot of people want to obtain many degrees, with the thought that their CVs will look bulky and hence they will be given more weightage during the selection procedures. Though it’s not completely wrong to think in those lines, but holding a few degrees is not the only requirement. Most of the organizations these days ask for work experience and there have been instances where students with more work experience and lesser qualifications have been given preference over the rest.

Hope we haven’t scared you too much! 😛




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