Prepare For Your Internship Interview In 25 Minutes

Prepare For Your Internship Interview In 25 Minutes

Perform your best in your internship interview with these tips! All you need is 25 minutes!



Kudos to you for scouting for the perfect internship and applying and being this close to being the chosen one! Did you know that your internship interview– the final call can make or break your career? Yes! I know that you know! That is why you have been so relentless to get this internship, right? So, what if I told you that you just 25 minutes away from being selected as the new intern? Yes! Your internship interview will decide it all! So. let us prepare you, in just 25 minutes!

It is not a newly observed fact that the most common issue employers cite when hiring is the lack of preparation shown by candidates. Whether you are applying for an internship or for a job, your interview matters. Even if it is a telephonic or video interview. Therefore, below are a few tips you can invest into to prep yourself for your internship interview on the D-day.

1. Kindly Understand the Internship

Take out 5 minutes to recall the generic details and specifications pertaining to your internship role. Make sure you are well versed with the kind of responsibilities which will be put on you after you clear this internship interview!

2. Understand The Company As Well

Take out 5 minutes to revise all that you researched, read and learnt about the company you are aiming to intern for. Have a general insight into the workings of the company. You should be able to answer if your interviewer tries to test your knowledge and dedication.

3. And Yes, Prepare Your Answers

Talking about being able to answer it all, you should take out 5 minutes before you step in that interview cell, to literally repeat your prepared answers. If it is your first time appearing for an internship interview, make sure you do have the answers prepared for the usual questions. Don’t rely on your impromptu self!

4. Ask And You Shall Receive

We have been beating this drum; you should ask questions too! Just because you are not in the recruiting position, doesn’t imply you can’t have any query. Ask and clarify your doubts in a way that gives you a chance to brainstorm ideas and you might just be able to impress your interviewer!

5. Relax

Lastly, take out 5 minutes to just relax and think nothing before you enter that room. Make sure you are hydrated and in a good state of mind.

Happy Interning!

So, this is how you can take 5 minutes for each of these and prepare yourself in 25 minutes on the D-day! For more college lifesuccess tips and internship postingsstay tuned to the blog. Post your queries, opinions and suggestions in the comments section below.