Preparing for CAT? | 5 reasons why MBA is not for you.

Preparing for CAT? | 5 reasons why MBA is not for you.


1. That thing you do from IIM? Yeah, that’s not really MBA.

More than half of the indian college going student population, who enthusiastically start preparing for CAT from second year of UG, are blatantly unaware of this. IIMs do not offer you a post graduate degree, since they are not affiliated with any university. What you get from IIMs and from a lot of other top rated B-Schools is a PGDM, which is a post graduate Diploma in Management, Diploma being the keyword. So yes, you’d probably land a high paying job, but no, you do not have “not completed your post-graduation”. You’re still an undergraduate with a diploma.

2. “I did Engineering. MBA is just the next big step.”
No, it is not. The number of engineers who have went down the MBA road right after their undergraduation, has increased a lot in the last few years. As a student this conditions you to believe that MBA is probably the best way to go after B. Tech or B.E. when all you’re doing is taking a mighty leap from one career stream to an entirely different one altogether. They are completely different disciplines, therefore there is nothing similar between the two, and the study structure is completely different. Your undergraduate degree in Engineering becomes largely irrelevant after an MBA, because you’d most likely not use it anywhere after paying close to 12 Lakhs to learn basics of marketing.

3. “It will look good on my resume.”
You know what else will look good? Work-Experience, in a real company, where you know the ropes of the industry, and have numbers to show your steady progress of turning around something significant in an organization. Practical knowledge wins over hundreds of marketing case studies on paper, because in the former case, you are actually part of the case study and most likely contributed to its making in the first place. You don’t need to trained rigorously and told what’s what, if your resume already speaks of your expertise in required fields.

4. “I’ll take a loan.”
..which you’ll spend the next 5 years of your life paying back. Not only this, you’ll probably have to spend the 2 years shying away from everything that involves even an affordable amount of money. An MBA from top-notch B-school, will be followed by corporate competitions, international internships, inter-college inter-city presentations and more things that require travel, time and money, right from the time you step in on your first day. If you’re short on two of these, at all times, what’s the point?

5. “I’ll do it later anyway, so let me just do it now.”
No, an MBA that you do later might just help you more. Most of the B-Schools offer an Executive MBA plan where you’re admitted only after you’ve completed 2 years working. The greatest people in world didn’t know what they wanted from their work-life by the time they were 22. Maybe, taking some time off will help you decide if MBA really is your cup of tea of not, plus even if you do want to go for it in the end,work experience will help immensely in the learning faster and making network connections easier than before.

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