‘Rejecting 6 Content Writing Internships For This One Was Worth It’

‘Rejecting 6 Content Writing Internships For This One Was Worth It’

Quantity trumps quality! This is what Abhipsa Mohanty kept in mind while she worked on her content writing internships.


Content Writing Internships
Content Writing Internships

Abhipsa Mohanty, an aspiring Content Writer tells her story of success with Content Writing Internships. This super intern scouted for work-from-home gigs while managing her college. Abhipsa tells us gladly how her relentless efforts made her a proud published author. Keep perusing to know more about her dedicated efforts.

Before working for a big brand, I wanted to polish my writing skills

Q. What were you looking for in your internship?

“I was looking for a platform, an internship that could help me grow, give me the necessary training and knowledge so that I could stand on a higher step of the ladder of success in future”.

In the initial months of her content writing internships, she was required to write content for specific restaurants in different cities for Walkfrodo. “I had to submit daily updates. In the subsequent months, I worked for a stipend and I started blogging about those restaurants. Then I kept on writing and managing content in the forthcoming months”.

“I am glad that my employers appreciated my work and have had me for all this time. The memorable thing, though sad, that happened during this period was that I had to reject around 5-6 internships which I had earlier applied to”.

The knowledge I gained by working on different types of blogs and media was worth those rejections

With utmost confidence, this budding writer says, “One thing that happened was that after daily conversations and discussions with my employers, I have now gained a lot of confidence to handle interviews in future, which is an important development”.

Q. How many internships did you apply to before getting shortlisted? 

I applied for 13 content writing internships prior to Walkfrodo.

Q. Would you recommend LetsIntern to others?

“Letsintern is listed among the top websites which provide internships to the eager minds. And that is reason enough to recommend it. I would never scruple from recommending it because the internships here are plenty and so are its awesome services (like sending an e-mail on important updates and events)”.

Q. In the end, do you have any tips that can help other students in getting a good internship?

“Well, there is always this golden rule that the internship seekers should remember: never be disappointed when you are not selected, but keep trying and applying and yes, don’t forget to keep updating your resume too”.

Inspired much by Abhipsa’s internship story? You too can write your own success story by choosing the internship that helps you grow as a person and teaches you the practical aspect of life. From virtual internships to summer internships, you can choose any to write your own success story. Stay tuned for more updates!

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