Revamped LetsIntern Employer Plans: Plan for Winternships Now

Revamped LetsIntern Employer Plans: Plan for Winternships Now

Employers alert! The LetsIntern Employer plans have changed. The changes, plus how you can use these changes in planning your intern hiring strategy.


Yes, yes – Winter Internships are around the corner. And we have been working hard, under-the-hood, over the last few months in maximising the user experience for students seeking internships as well as employers.

In our last reach out, we had explained how we had incorporated student internship certificates on the LetsIntern platform. Students can now request their employers (who shortlisted them through the portal), to release a digital certificate by the simple click of a button. Now, we talk about the changes we made on the other side of the table – LetsIntern Employer Plans.

The LetsIntern Employer Plans:

The new LetsIntern Employer Plans.
The new LetsIntern Employer Plans.

Employers use the LetsIntern portal to post internships, recruit and shortlist students who apply to the same. They do so through either a trial association (the Basic plan) or an enhanced paid program. We’ve made some changes to these plans, adding a new startup plan and updating the terms provided in existing plans, so that employers can derive more value from them.

Here are the basic details of the LetsIntern Employer Plans:

1. Basic Employer Plan:

The Basic Employer Plan is a trial offer, which allows employers to use the LetsIntern platform for their first internships and then progress to a plan that best meets their needs. It allows employers to post two internships for free and see the kind of student response that they can receive on it.

2. Startup Employer Plan:

Have gone through the Basic plan and want to hire more interns from the platform. Then this is the first of our three paid LetsIntern employer plans that you can take up.

In the Startup Employer Plan, you may post upto 5 internships, get featured in the LetsIntern Daily newsletter (which reaches out to nearly a lakh students) and run a post on our Facebook page. Your internships would also be shared with at least  100 students, who are looking for similar opportunities on our portal.

3. Business Employer Plans:

Suitable for growing businesses, this offering among LetsIntern Employer plans provides you with an option of listing 10 internships (covering a multitude of roles or both summer and winter months). Your internships are sent out to nearly 200 matched students, featured on the newsletter and on our Facebook page.

4. Enterprise Employer Plans:

Best for large corporates, or companies looking for fast hirings on a big scale (think consultancies and recruiters as well), this plan covers all of the offerings that an employer can draw from the LetsIntern page. How?

An employer here can post 30 internships, reach 300 matched students, be featured in the newsletter three times and get Facebook posts. Additionally, they get multiple ad spots, client servicing and would be featured on the LetsIntern homepage.

The next big season for internships, Winternships (Winter Internships 2017) is around the corner. Make the most of the opportunity by connecting through our platform with students now, through our four subscription offers.

What’s more – If you decide to do so over the Diwali break, you stand to gain with the LetsIntern Diwali Offer – Getting a Flat 10% off on all our LetsIntern Employer Plans. The offer is valid till October 22.

Go ahead – make your choice. And benefit from our unique connection with the student populace.