Revive Your College Life With Resurrection 2k17 This Weekend

Revive Your College Life With Resurrection 2k17 This Weekend

Relax. rejuvenate, revive and celebrate your salad days of the life this weekend, at Resurrection 2k17.


Resurrection 2k17
Resurrection 2k17

Yes, you read it correctly. Give your college life the energetic revival it needs, this weekend. The credit goes to Resurrection 2k17. Manav Rachna University, Faridabad is parading its one of a kind quintessence of enthusiasm, exuberance, and energy with this college fest. They profess “Here, encounter the amelioration in ebullience with us. Confront a collection of fun, drudgery and attainment.”

Let us dig a little deeper to find out what you can do at Resurrection 2k17.

Dates: October 12th to 14th, 2017

Location: Manav Rachna University, Faridabad

Website: Check out their stellar website here.

‘It ain’t too much for me to JAM’, MJ

YES! Music is the ultimate essence of any college fest and Resurrection 2k17 is not behind. The fest offers plenty of events to let your musical soul resonate with your talent. What does it cost? Only Rs. 200 as the entry fee and you can participate/experience Hindi Solo, Western Solo, Battle of Raps, Polarity and DJ wars.

Dance your blues away

Again, with a fee of Rs. 200 you can grab these fabulous competitions and dance away your blues. The events being: Nazaakat (Classical solo), Effervescence (Western solo), Upsurge (Western group) and Ullasin (Folk dance).

Take part in Art at Resurrection 2k17

Tap into your creativity and celebrate your mind’s beautiful creations at these competitions:

  • Art Alley
  • Paperasserie
  • Dexterity
  • Garabatear
  • Carv-a-thon

The world is just a stage

Or you should attend Resurrection 2k17 and make one! For all the thespians out there, celebrate your college life with:

  • Aatishya (stage play)
  • Shankhnaad (street play)
  • Actowise (mono acting)

Life is all about those few clicks 

Capture your salad days of life because soon they are going to slip away. Resurrection 2k17 has an awesome photography competition, namely Element Selfie.

For the Wondrous Wordsmiths

If alphabets make you grin if words make you smile if phrases make you go gaga and if literature flows in your blood, join these literary events:

  • Wings of verses (slam poetry)
  • Shayarana Andaz (Sher-o-Shayari)
  • Whirl & hurl (GD & extempore)
  • Word Art (Pictionary)
  • D Gamomania (game quiz)

And that’s not the end! Resurrection 2k17 has more to it! You can also take part in the fashion show; Pranaakti or gully cricket and street soccer! What are you waiting for? Go get it!

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