3 ridiculously popular apps and why we hate them | Have you...

3 ridiculously popular apps and why we hate them | Have you tried these before?


1.The  Yo! App:
Makers: Moshe Hogeg, Or Arbel of Mobil.

What does it do?
The Yo! App allows you to send a single word – Yo! – to a group of friends. The app does not require a proper login or an account to be made. The main idea behind the app was that Hogeg wanted to stay in touch with his wife a couple of times a day, just to check up on her instead of a long conversation including calls and texts. So, he started thinking and went to Arbel with the idea of Yo! who then further worked on the developing the app to what it is today.

The beta version of the app was released in the Tel Aviv market where over 20,000 people were Yo-ing each other in under a month.

The funny thing is that Apple refused to publish the app on their store because it was too simple and lacked substance, which led to a battle between it’s creators who emphasized on the minimalistic concept of the app and Apple. Finally, the app made its way to the store and received a warm welcome from people around the world to a point that it has been offered a funding of $1.2 Million Dollars by investors.

Our Verdict:
Although the app has made headlines and has been written about in majority of the places on the interwebz, we find the fame and the concept of app rather short-lived. It won’t be long before people will get bored with Yo-ing each other and move on to better things, if the app fails to deliver anything new. We live in a world that is way technologically advanced and sometimes this can be a disadvantage. People have short attention spans and a lot of choices. Moreover, the number of downloads Yo! has gotten can also be a direct result of the publicity it got in it’s initial stage. How many times do you hear of something ridiculous and want to use it just to check out how ridiculous it actually is? Exactly. That’s Yo! for you.Codebabes:

What does it do?
Codebabes, like the name suggests is a coding tutorial website that uses ‘the babes’ as an incentive to learn. Taking gamification to a whole new level, codebabes has women dressed in skimpy clothing who have taken it in their hands to teach you how to program in various languages. When you complete a level, they strip. Yes. No kidding. Currently the site offers lessons in PHP, HTML, CSS and promises more courses in the future.

As much criticism that the very concept of Codebabes has been getting from the rest of the world, it has a user base of it’s own. Boasting of a 14TB worth of video streaming and close to 4 Lakh views last month, CodeBabes also has over 50 thousand users that have signed up on the website for daily coding videos and close to 3000 subscribers on Youtube.

Our Verdict:
Codebabes is everything that we find wrong in a world where the majority of the populations is fighting for women’s right to equal pay, equal opportunities and the social standing that they deserve. We personally condemn sexism and objectifying of women and firmly believe that the best incentive or motivation to learn something is to think of the countless things you can create with the knowledge you gain in the end.

You can either learn to code or you can go watch porn. We certainly don’t recommend mixing the two.
On top of it, the quizzes that every watcher is supposed to take at the end of their lessons show that most of the people get the  answers to even simplest of questions wrong, which gives a clear insight into the intent of the people “learning to code” through the website.

3. Candy Crush Saga:

Makers: King

What does it do?
The game that was launched in January 2012, has a board full of different color candies, along with some obstacles, which you have to clear to complete the missions associated with each level.

The Candy Crush Saga, boasts of more than ten million downloads in the first year of its launch, and earns a revenue of $633,000 everyday through in-app purchases, as of July 2013. Ellie Gibson from EuroGamer called it the game of the year and it still remains as one of the most popular games on Facebook, Android and iOS devices.

Our Verdict:
Except for the fact that we all have that one annoying friend who won’t stop sending us Candy Crush Saga requests, we also fail to see what Candy Crush has brought to the table to justify its popularity. There are hundreds of games that exists and are based more or less the same concept that Candy Crush Saga, the most prominent and famous one being Bejeweled. which hit the stores almost 10 years before Candy Crush. The only difference between the two games is the latter has jewels instead of candies, along with some minor level differences.

Besides that, who wants to spend 650 levels of moving candies around. Like, seriously?




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