Shortlisting Interns: What Should Employers Look For In Interns

Shortlisting Interns: What Should Employers Look For In Interns

Employers, here is the holy word on the procedure of shortlisting interns. Follow this trail to find the best of interns at the end of the day!


Shortlisting interns
Shortlisting interns 101 (jilbee)

Hey, Employers! Letsintern is excited to work with you. In this post, we are here to help you in the process of shortlisting interns, so that you find suitable intern(s) for all internship posts. We recommend that you stay put with us for a while as we will offer these Employer Tips so that you make the right choices and take the correct procedure of shortlisting interns!

However, before we lead you to the correct way, let us tell you what you should be ideally looking for in an intern.

A Timely Resource

Your intern(s) should be students who value time. Timely people are the best. You don’t want someone who is on their toes at the last moments of a deadline or a project or even a meeting! Instead, you should look for someone who is capable of coming in 5 minutes early, setting up meeting rooms just 5 mins prior to the time and someone who hands over the assignments and completed tasks just on time.

An Inquisitive Intern

You want someone who should have a keen interest in the things that they are pursuing. An intern who wishes to learn it all should serve a good purpose in your venture. As internships are chances of learning a lot, you should scout for interns who are curious.

A Resourceful Intern

Gone are the days of dependence. Yes, today as we have the internet and the much-celebrated technologies, there are only a few things that bound us to the dependence! Your intern should be someone who can exploit resources judiciously. Someone who can come up with ideas, tactics, and approaches that aren’t taught in any said book but which are a result of acumen. Therefore, look for interns who are resourceful.

A Communications Executive

When anything goes wrong, it’s the lack of communication. Your super interns should be people who are great at putting their words across; clear and crisp. Ideally, you should be shortlisting interns with great communication skills; spoken and written.

Now, that we have drawn a picture of your perfect intern, let’s further discuss the process of shortlisting interns on Letsintern.

Your Letsintern account lets you post an internship offer that is visible to your prospective interns. Make sure your internship post is an “intern-magnet” post. If you still wonder why you should have a great profile page, read this. The recruiting process is quite simple. Letsintern allows you to ‘select’ and ‘shortlist’ intern applications. Now, the trick here is that both of these terms imply different meanings. Let’s see how.

Shortlisting interns: You should shortlist an intern application when you have gone through their application and are ready to hire the intern but an interview or a screening is pending. Putting an intern application in the ‘shortlisted’ category implies to the intern that they are shortlisted as of now. You may or may not want to hire them for the internship before you set up an interview.

Selecting interns: After you are done with shortlisting interns, you should put the shortlisted candidates in the category of “selected” interns. This is really important as it clarifies to the interns the status of their application and position.

Employers, please make a note of the above-mentioned process. It is really important that you differentiate between the two processes and act accordingly. The interns should know the status of their internship applications.

On that note, make sure you do categorize the applications in the ‘shortlisted’ and ‘selected’ categories. Goodluck!