What does an employer want? | 4 skills that every intern should...

What does an employer want? | 4 skills that every intern should have.


All of us are curious about what the future has in store for us as college students, and even though one can not put a definite finger on what’s going to happen, you can definitely prepare yourself for it accordingly.

To increase your chances of making it decent into the corporate world, we suggest starting young and taking up on internships as early as possible to gain the necessary experience that will set your apart from the thousands of people who graduate every year.

Many if not all employers look for that, which is very much justified because they would like to evade the cost of training that comes with employing people who are just out of grad school. If a student has an internship program under his belt, he can use it to convince his potential employer of his abilities as an employee who will not require to be taught the ropes.

How many people do you know who started out so eager to pursue a particular career and then in the middle of it they hated it so much they wished they could turn back time?  What they could have done to avoid such a catastrophic turn of events was to take up an internships that would have given them the chance to know life in the real world, what would be expected of them as they fulfilled their duties and seen how people who work in that particular industry cope with the daily pressures associated with their chosen careers.

On that note, let us take a look at the top 4 skills that the employers go for in a prospective intern:

1. Strong Communication Skills:
No matter what job it is,  you will be required to communicate with the people you work with. You will exchange mails, arrange client calls, discuss with the team regarding  various aspects of what you are working on and more, so whether you are from the business team or an ace coder, effective communication – to speak, to write – is something that an employer will look for in an intern.

Moreover, a person who has his way with words also stands out in interviews, group discussions, debates, or any other process that is carries out for hiring, so before piling up on degrees and short term courses to add on to your CV, you might want to improve on your speaking abilities first.

 2. Doers, not planners:
The ability to asses a situation and act accordingly, gathering information and identifying what the key issues are, evaluating the presented situation from different perspectives and then ending it with a call-of-action is what an employer will give priority to. Don’t be just that person whose plans to change the world exist on paper. Organization is good. Proactivity is better.

3. How far can you stretch:
Do you prefer working out of your comfort zone? Do you just listen to what your boss tells you and act on it like an autobot? Well, you might want to stop that. Employers appreciate multi-tasking as much as they like people who can come up with well-thought out ways  to make the work on their hands faster, better and easier. If you are working in a fast paced work environment, you need to be quick to adapt to corporate trends and the circumstances that arise following them. Challenge your limits. Be flexible. Think out of the box, but stay grounded with the realities inside.

4. Teamwork makes dreams work:
In a organization where you’d frequent more and more people everyday, it is important that as an intern you are capable of keeping your personal differences aside for the betterment of the project in your hand. You should be able to work as a team to achieve a goal. Team work encourages cooperation, increases productivity and consumes less time. It also opens doors to strategies and ideas from different people where you can pick the one that is the most viable and cost effective.

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