Skills That Would Help You Get Your Dream Internship

Skills That Would Help You Get Your Dream Internship


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Internships have come along a long distance over the past years. In the contemporary academic and job scenario, college internships not just a mandatory part of selected courses, but something every student looks forward to in order to learn their profession and make their profile better. And just like a dream job, most students have a dream internship too.

And like a job demands certain elements to be present in a candidate, an internship has demands too. Recruiters want their interns to have certain internship skills which will benefit the company in lieu of the learning experiences (and sometimes stipend) they offer.

Some skills are more required than the others. To get your dream internship, you will need to work on the given top listed internship skills:



Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are one of the top skills sought in employees during recruitment drives. And it is as much important to make way to your dream internship. An intern is supposed to have the skills of communicating well both during one to one and group conversations.

Interpersonal skills aren’t just limited to conversations but forming connections through conversations. It helps the company to sell their products and services through the intern and also ensures that the intern is clear with communications within the office.

The everyday task would be very difficult to manage without interpersonal skills. It also includes your confidence, work relationship management, work ethics, listening skills, body languages, attitude, and etiquettes as well.

Hence, it is really important for you to work on your interpersonal skills before you get into an internship or job.



Problem Solving skills

Next in the line is problem-solving skills. Any given organization has two basic jobs; if looked over broadly. First, it is to carry on with day to day activities and jobs. Second, two solve any problem that comes in the way of doing the job.

And these are the same skills recruiters want in their interns. Interns are mostly hired as think tanks and therefore they need to be very keen on problem solving and acting with a positive situation when these problems arise.



Research & Analysis

As mentioned above, interns are involved actively in the job of critical thinking, whenever it is required. It is because they are supposed to give fresh ideas (being new to the job or industry) which can help the company in lieu.

In companies where research and analysis is the primary job, whether it is market research or product research, they look for research skills as one of the must have skills in an intern.

So, if your dream internship is in one such organization, you need to start working on your research skills. These internships also help students further not only in getting jobs, but also when they continue their academic run and get into research.



Time management skills

Time management skills are crucial internship skills for interns because as interns you will require to create a balance between your academics and work. If you focus on your work entirely, your studies will suffer and vice-versa.

If you already hustle with your day to day activities, you sincerely need to start working on your schedule management as no organization is willing to keep their work at risk.

You can buff up your time management skills by dividing your day into hours, making sure you complete a task by the given hour. Eventually, you can move to a tighter and stricter schedule to train yourself.




Interns are often kept on a flexible job routine. They are given with different job descriptions to follow as per requirement. Institutions also rotate interns to different job roles as a means of providing them with variant learning experiences.

Keeping this in view, the skills of adaptability is searched for in an intern. The ability of a person to change their approach and actions as per the requirement of the job or circumstance is what comprises of adaptability skills in a person.

Moreover, if you have adaptability skills, it will help you generously throughout your career not only in getting a job or internship but also on a personal level.



Language Skills (writing as well, English skills)

If you are thinking about getting your dream internship soon, we hope you have started working on your language skills. English skills are most commonly required for jobs as well as internships in India and abroad. The reason is that English is a common medium of direction in most parts of the world and since most big companies do their business internationally, they don’t want their interns or employees to lack on the communication front.

So, you not only need to be adept is speaking English but should also have written and comprehensive skills to handle your job better. Depending on the job, you might also need other languages. If proficiency in another language is required, it is mostly mentioned in the job or internship opening post.

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Basic Computer Skills

No matter what job you are in, computer skills are a must owing to the large machine-based world today. Even though your work doesn’t require technical skills, you must have the knowledge of basic computer functions.

It is not only important for your resume, but to make sure that your work doesn’t hamper at any stage just because of lack of such skills. As an intern, you will be assigned different roles where you might have to deal with data and other computer functions. Therefore, before you apply for internships, make sure you learn the basic workings of a computer and its common applications.


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Skills, unlike talent, can be learned as per one’s determination and efforts. And if you don’t have any of the skills above, there’s no time for disappointment. If you want your dream internship to turn into reality, you need to start working on all the skills mentioned above. They are basic professional skills which will not only help you get a great internship but will continue giving you back further in your career as well.

Stay tuned for more internship updates and internship tips to help you through the process of internship searching!