So Many Marketing Internships! Apply NOW (July 28)

So Many Marketing Internships! Apply NOW (July 28)

Try your hands at these Marketing Internships from the all over the country.


Marketing Internships
Marketing Internships 101

When it comes to summer internships in 2017, you can chart a path to success through sheer perseverance in applying – and applying smartly. The same holds true for Marketing Internships across the country, with positions worth as high as Rs 45,000.

Our picks for this week are from all over India. These are a mix of opportunities for Marketing internships, Research, and Sales Internships– opportunities from firms like Lifepage Private Limited and  Central Perk Technologies. Paying stipends ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 45,000.

Here is the list of Marketing Internships for you.

Content Writer MamaearthLocation: Gurgaon

Compensation: Rs 14000-15000

No. of Openings: 1

Apply by: August 2, 2017

Marketing Interns required PoshVineLocation: Bangalore

Compensation: Rs 10000-12000

No. of Openings: 2

Apply by: July 30, 2017

Intern – Digital Marketing and Content Creation India Patent FoundationLocation: Gurgaon

Compensation: Rs 12000-15000

No. of Openings: 2

Apply by: July 29, 2017

Marketing Campaign for Mahindra Logistics Jalsa HospitalityLocation: Pune

Compensation: Rs 12000-14000

No. of Openings: 5

Apply by: July 30, 2017

Personal assistant cum aspiring content writer Research PixieLocation: Gurgaon

Compensation: Rs 10000-15000

No. of Openings: 1

Apply by: July 30, 2017

Marketing and Product Head Central Perk TechnologiesLocation: Nashik, Pune

Compensation: Rs 15000-45000

No. of Openings: 5

Apply by: July 31, 2017

Market Research Intern Agile Parking Solutions Pvt. LtdLocation: Anywhere in India

Compensation: Rs 5000-15000

No. of Openings: 5

Apply by: August 5, 2017

Marketing Intern Home RaagaLocation: Bangalore

Compensation: Rs 5000-15000

No. of Openings: 2

Apply by: July 30, 2017

LifePage Freelancer Lifepage Private Limited

Location: Dehradun

Compensation: Rs 5000-30000

No. of Openings: 4

Apply by: July 30, 2017

Digtial Marketing Knownymous IncubatorLocation: New Delhi

Compensation: Rs 5000-20000

No. of Openings: 5

Apply by: August 4, 2017

Keen on exploring more opportunities from the city – or elsewhere? Then we encourage you to look into domain-specific internships or city-specific ones. Also, do let us know if you are looking for a different set of opportunities among summer internships in 2017, in the comments section below.