Most In-Demand Software Engineering Internships!

Most In-Demand Software Engineering Internships!

Read to know about the trending software engineering internships in India.


Software Engineering Internships.
Software Engineering Internships.

Keen on a fast track career in Software Engineering? You may be a B.Tech, BCA or a Diploma in Computer Science, focused on becoming a software engineer, or someone who is thinking along those lines. Before taking your call, you need to know some basics – beyond your course curriculum. And that’s where software engineering internships come into being.

A career in software engineering is much more diverse than simply learning how to write codes. It is a diverse field which includes developing, designing, testing and debugging software. To know which domain suits you, we now take you through the most in-demand software engineering internships. And how you can apply for them.

Popular Software Engineering Internships

At this critical juncture in your career, you must have a lot of queries – Can I develop apps? Is testing the perfect career to start with? Am I good enough to make a career in AI? You can explore these in detail by taking up any of these software engineering internships:

Web Developer

Web development internships.
Web development internships.

Web Development is a broad term for every task that is done while developing any website. It is one of the most in-demand software engineering internships. As a Web Development intern, you are expected to be well-acquainted with at least HTML, CSS, and Javascript. There are three kinds of specializations in Web Development – Front-end developer, Back-end developer, and Full-stack developer.

Usually, companies seek knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. But, in case of Front-end development, a few companies might also expect a solid grasp on Angular JS, Node JS, Bootstrap, and a great sense of design and user experience.

If you are planning to be a Back-end developer, you’ll have to deal with the working of the website. Technical skills you need to be well versed with include Core Java, MySQL, Javascript, and in few instances, ReactNative and React.js as well.

How to Apply:

You can explore internships of your choice through multiple platforms:

  • Online – Explore LetsIntern for Front-end development internships, full-stack development, and back-end development internships.
  • Offline – Apply directly through your campus placement cell, on career pages of your shortlisted companies.

Note: Have your recommendation letters in place, as your chosen company may ask for them.

Python Developer

Python Internships
Python Internships

Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used in both front-end and back-end. This role is in high-demand and requires you to have a strong knowledge of The Python Standard Library.

If you want to dive into the world of software engineering internship with Python Development, you need to be an expert in at least one Python web framework like Django or Flask.

How to Apply:

You can apply to Python development internship of your choice by following any of these means:

  • Online – Visit LetsIntern for latest Python internships.
  • Offline – Contact your campus placement cell and apply directly to the shortlisted companies.

PHP Developer

PHP Internships
PHP Internships

PHP is a server-side back-end programming language for Web Development. You must have a clear idea of what an organization would expect from you in order to give you a PHP development internship.

Companies usually prefer candidates who possess strong analytical skills coupled with knowledge of PHP, Database Management, and MySQL.

You are expected to be well-equipped with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript as well.

How to Apply:
To apply to PHP development internship of your choice, you can follow any of the below-mentioned means:
  • Online – Visit LetsIntern for latest PHP development internships.
  • Offline – You can apply directly through your campus placement cell, on career pages of your shortlisted companies.

Game Developer

Game Development Internships
Game Development

Development of video games is a complex task that involves programming, design, art, and testing. When it comes to Game Development, C++ is the industry standard. C++ is included in the engineering curriculum of almost all the Indian Universities, so you must be familiar with it, if not an expert.

To beat the never-dying competition and have a significant edge over others, you must also explore Android SDK, Data Structure, and .net. It is one of the most sought-after software engineering internships, and if it excites you, you must grab one today.

How to Apply:
To explore latest internships in Game development, you need to follow any of these steps as per your ease:
  • Online – Visit LetsIntern for latest Game development internships.
  • Offline – Contact your campus placement cell for the available companies and apply directly to them.

Software Tester

Software Testing
Software Testing Internships.

Software Testing is the entry-level role provided to most engineers. You might not get an opportunity to start your career as a Software Developer, so it is always a great idea to start with Software Testing, and later on, shift to Software Development.

As a Software Tester, you are supposed to break the software. Test plan with manual or automated testing and tracking project related issue logs is the usual responsibility of a software tester. This requires excellent analytical skills added with a strong command of testing tools and methodologies.

If you join software testing internships while still in your college, you will acquire good knowledge and hands-on experience in testing. This will further help you in preparing for software testing jobs later in your career.

How to Apply:

You can explore a wide range of software testing internships online at LetsIntern.

Artificial Intelligence/AI Developer

Artificial Intelligence Internships
Artificial Intelligence Internships

Typical time to start learning AI programming is in college. How great it would be if you land an AI internship before you get done with your degree!

Apart from the excellent grasp of Computer Science and Programming, Programming for AI also requires some additional skill set – solid understanding of Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra, and Calculus. Acquaintance with Robotics during your college years will definitely enhance your chances of landing an AI internship.

How to Apply:

If you find your skills in sync with the above mentioned, you can explore latest AI development internships on LetsIntern.

Which one of the above excites you? Let us know about of it in the comment section below. Drop your queries and suggestions too. For the latest software engineering internship opportunities, keep visiting LetsIntern at regular intervals.