The story of my 5 internships | How they made me more...

The story of my 5 internships | How they made me more confident, responsible and creative.


I have done four internships through Letsintern and needless to say the experience has been nothing short of amazing. I worked for as their Youth Brand Ambassador, Wechat as their Wechat marketer,Ambi Pur as an Ambi Pur Advocate and finally Philips as a Philips Campus Stylist In the beginning, I was provided with product samples from the company to try it myself, understand its working, and provide feedback. After this, when I was familiar with the specifics and had a personal experience with the product,  I was supposed to market the it amongst my peer group which for me mostly included my friends and class-mates from college.This required creativity, ingenuity and imagination to come up with ideas to influence the people around me.

Going for an internship during my college years helped me in many ways. I feel much more confident now than I did before, especially while facing interviews. It has taught me how to carry out my responsibilities to the best of my ability and has given me a good experience on how to work in an organization where you have to deal with a large group of people every day, in and out of your work life.

During the internship with, we had a photo shoot together with all the people like me who had worked for 3 months as Youth Brand Ambassadors. The whole session gave me an opportunity to not only interact with new people but also to understand their point of view on how the same goal that we all were trying to achieve could be approached in several different innovative ways.

I made it a point to complete all the tasks that were assigned to me, on time and tried to come up with valuable feedback that could help with the marketing strategy of the organization as a whole. Thankfully, I had really co-operative colleagues. It’s always good to meet like-minded people and expand your network. It would be unfair to name any one specifically since everybody was supportive and did their part in one way or the other.

Apart from this, I have also worked in the Maths editorial department of Macmillan Publishers for a month which was a different experience altogether.

Aastha Chawla is a pursuing her Bachelor’s in Economics from Gargi College, Delhi University.


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