7 Startup Jobs that don’t require coding.

7 Startup Jobs that don’t require coding.


With so many startups coming up in India, there are lots of opportunities for you. Here are 7 startup jobs that don’t require a computer science degree.

1. Digital Marketing
In digital marketing, you will coordinate the marketing that reaches consumers through a digital device, such as smartphones, computers, or even game consoles. As devices and technologies to reach consumers multiply, you will need to manage a growing number of promotional channels. As well, you will analyze data of your users’ activities – how people use your product, when they use your product, and what functions they use.

Skills needed: SEO, social media, data analysis, project management, communication and writing.

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2. Business Development
Business development is key to the survival of any business. A large part of your day may involve visiting clients and attending networking events. You will identify, contact, pitch and convert leads into customers. You will act as the liaison between your company and your clients and make sure that your clients needs are met.

Business development is a stressful job, and the rewards are also high if you can bring in new customers.

Skills needed: communication, negotiation, initiative, confidence, sales orientation

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3. Content Developer
As a content developer, you will create and gather information that will be useful to your users. From writing restaurant reviews to creating video tutorials on how to use your product, the variety in what needs to be written is endless.  In addition, content includes everything from blog posts, videos, infographics, and social media posts.

Skills needed: writing, communicating complex ideas in a simple way, editing, social media marketing, design

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4. Graphic Designer
As a graphic designer, you will create design solutions that have a high visual impact. Designs are required for a huge variety of activities, such as websites, advertising, social media, brochures, business cards, flyers, tradeshow displays and more.

Skills needed: design principles, typography, branding, marketing, Adobe Creative Suite

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5. Customer Support
Customer support is a great way to learn about the company’s offerings and be in touch with what your customers are looking for.  Answering questions through phone, email, IM, and social media, you can turn a frustrating experience into an amazing one.

At some companies like Hootsuite, customer support is also called customer success. Each user are assigned to a customer success representative. It is your job to teach and guide the customers how to use the product to reach their business goals – and turn them into your loyal advocates.

Skills needed: communication, patience, empathy, strategic thinking, conflict resolution

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6. Market Research
Help companies understand their users and customers. Market researchers figure out what customers want to buy and how much they are willing to pay for it. As a market researcher, you will design ways to collect data, such as surveys, questionnaires or interviews. You will analyze and make sense of the data available before presenting your conclusions in an understandable way.

Skills needed: data analysis, critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative research, attention to detail

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7. Campus Brand Ambassadors
Brand Ambassadors raise awareness of brands among their classmates on college campuses. Promoting the brand can range from putting up posters, organizing workshops, and coordinating campaigns. In addition, you will use social media to amplify the impact beyond people you interact with in person. You will also create detailed reports periodically to highlight your achievements, such as the number of people reached, the number of people that used the said brand, their feedback, and more.

In the past few months, big brands like Viber, Channel V, WWF, DELL, Ambi Pur, have hired campus ambassadors through Letsintern in large number to create a brand presence.

Skills Needed: confidence, communications, relationship building, marketing, social media, event planning

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