Steer Ahead with a Business Analysis Internship at Uber

Steer Ahead with a Business Analysis Internship at Uber

Learn the A, B, C of a Business Analysis Internship with Uber. Keep perusing to know the deets.


Business Analysis Internship
Drive ahead with your Career in Business Analysis (metronews)

Do you have an enthralling passion for Business Analysis? Are you keen on knowing whether you are Ready for an Internship in Business Analysis? If you gave me 2 nods, be ready to nod in affirmation for a Business Analysis Internship at Uber!

Business Analysis Internship

Business Analysis of an enterprise encompasses researching and identifying business needs and thence catering to the stipulations for the solvent running of the enterprise. The role of a BA (Business Analyst) revolves around the strategic fabrication of business situations and their analysis along with any redesigning and improvements in coherence with the requirements.

A successful Internship in Business Analysis will make you acquainted with each and every accessory involved in businesses and their analysis.

Uber is looking for passionate interns who are available for a full-time gig for minimum 6 months.


Location: Gurgaon

Duration: 85 Days

Application Deadline: August 2, 2017

No. of Openings: 2

Stipend: Rs. 20000-30000

Roles and Responsibilities

Process Scaling: Interns are expected to work efficiently under the paced functionality of Uber. You will be given projects involving design processes along with account management. Perform your best in a way that they promote and grow Uber.

Reporting, analytics, data exploration: Monetizing data and information. Finding ways to leverage existing data and information in Uber’s products and services.

Insights: You will also monitor the performance of various teams/ projects/ initiatives and help management and actively contribute to the central team’s evolution through project work.

Program Management: Ensuring projects stick to timelines, resource and quality.

Skills Required: 

  • Excellent communication skills; written and verbal.
  • Candidates well versed with Japanese are welcomed.
  • Bonus Skills and Attributes: Analytical skill, SQL, Excel and Google Apps skills

If you think you are well suited for this fabulous high-paying internship at Uber, click here to apply.

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