Student Internships Mandatory For Engineering Courses, Says HRD Minister

Student Internships Mandatory For Engineering Courses, Says HRD Minister

HRD Minister has said that it will be compulsory for all engineering students to do at least three student internships.


Student Internships is now compulsory for the HRD Minister says so.
Student Internships is now compulsory for the HRD Minister says so.

Prakash Javadekar, Union Human Resource Development Minister said at the Lokh Sabha that from now onwards it will be compulsory for engineering students across the continent to do a minimum of three student internships by the complete their academic year.

He added that “Every student in technical institute should undergo three internships each spanning four to eight weeks before completion of his/her under-graduation course. The responsibility will be on the institute to help students find a suitable industry for the internship.”

The move comes on the heels of reports that more than 50% of engineering graduates are un-employable. The government of India is going all out to ensure that the trend is reversed and this move reflects the concern of the government.

Not just the students, teachers of the engineering courses will have to keep up with changing times too. They will have to attend an annual refresher course and be in touch with the current trends of the job market and keep working on their teaching and employability skills while making sure the students shape up roundly while in college.

Student internships have been so far made mandatory by reputed engineering colleges. This puts other college engineering graduates at a disadvantage, especially if they don’t make the effort of getting acquainted with the internship and job market on their own.

“According to AICTE data, only 6.96 lakh students out of 15.87 lakh students at 10,328 technical institutions get jobs through placements.”

The results are pathetic if you think about it. As such, the move to make student internships compulsory is being lauded by one and all. The young brigade is falling short of meeting the demands of the industry and lacks the required employability skills.

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