A Research Internship With Indian Academy Of Sciences

A Research Internship With Indian Academy Of Sciences

Here we are, with another successful internship story! This time it is all about a research internship with IAS.


Research Internship
Research Internship

“Seeing non-living things such as electronics interacting with the human lives has always excited me. I was looking for research internships related to programming the same non-living things like microcontrollers to make functional.”

This childlike excitement is still there in me

Meet Arpit Jadon, our featured intern whose interests lie in embedded systems, control systems and Internet of Things (IoT). This hard-working intern was looking for a research internship to fulfil his interests in designing things which could benefit the mankind in some way.

Glad about his research internship experience with Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS) he says, “working and being recognized for such kind of research work is the only desire that I have had from a pretty long time. I was looking for some research work which could resonate with my areas of interest and something which I could use to enhance my skills.”

During his 2nd academic year of college, Arpit scored the Summer Research Fellowship from Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS) under the Science Academies’ Summer Research Fellowship Programme 2017. He says, “it is basically a research programme and IAS is the main coordinating academy. I went to IIT Gandhinagar to work for my research project and the stipend provided by the academy was ten thousand per month including travel expenses.”

My Research Internship With IAS

Arpit, who is quite happy with the internship experience he had with IAS says, “the freedom that I was having there was amazing. I could go to the lab anytime of the day! Each person was ready to help unconditionally in the labs. During the day, I used to go to the lab at around 10 am and there was no limitation on the return time. Sometimes I used to work till 3 or 4 in the morning because I never felt like I was working on something which was imposed on me. Instead, the only thought that used to encourage me to work for the whole day was that this is my thing that I am working on and I will have a full share of happiness when I will complete it.”

I owe a lot to my colleagues for making that internship a memorable part of my life

“I am really grateful that I had this chance to complete my research internship. I had applied to one more internship but this was my call. I think Letsintern is a good platform for students to learn about internships. I would  definitely recommend it to the people searching for internships.”

Arpit Jadon, a successful intern with a shining bright resume suggests:

“Firstly you have to be clear about what sort of an internship you want. If you want to pursue a research-oriented career then research internships are the ones you should go for. If you want to work in an industry then an industrial internship is a right choice. For bagging getting a quality internship, you have to prepare yourself well. Maintaining a good grading point (as far as possible) and acquiring skills relevant to your field of interest is the path which could lead you to the place you desire.”

Inspired much by Arpit’s internship story You can begin yours too! Just apply for exciting internships. For more updates stay tuned to the Letsintern blog. If you want to feature next on our blog and be a star of our Intern diary, then you need to read this.