Sales and Marketing Jobs 101| What do these roles mean?

Sales and Marketing Jobs 101| What do these roles mean?

Differentiate between sales and marketing vacancies and learn what's suitable to your profile, as you foray into the world of summer internships in 2017.


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Understand the myrid roles in sales and marketing, ahead of internships.

Sales and Marketing are akin to two pillars of a business, one without the other can make the business fall apart. Usually, the terms are interchanged, especially when it comes to summer internships in 2017, where recruiters advertise for a marketing professional but really what they are looking for is someone who will drive immediate sales.

Of course, this depends on the HR who creates the job description as most businesses have well-defined sales and marketing teams with each handling their own responsibilities.

Today, sales & marketing internships are spread over a variety of roles and this is what you can expect when you apply for one –

Business to Business Sales Roles

Corporate Sales Executive/ Manager –

In these roles, you will be required to pitch or sell your product or service to another business. Potentially every business can sell their products to another business, usually even if it’s a B2C product it can be sold to another business as well.

This is a solid revenue stream and businesses bank a lot on this to fund their other ventures. This role requires you to be a people’s person as deals are signed through personal connections and lot of effort on the field. It needs a lot of dedication and persistence, it is said that a sales deal is closed only after at least 8 stages of sales process!

Inside Sales representative/Manager-

This is primarily a role open in IT services companies where the clients are based outside the country. The sales pitch is done virtually over the phone or online through video calls. The role is doubly tough because the physical presence is not feasible and it is crucial to have good communication skills, both verbal and written.

Account Executive/Manager –

Sales are usually divided into hunting and farming roles where hunting involves finding new prospects and farming roles are existing clients or accounts are sold products and new offerings. Account management is important because companies don’t want to lose their existing base and yet increase the revenue from them.

This needs excellent people skills as each client has history and their quirks, also crisis management and public relations are important as you will be servicing clients and need to address their needs efficiently.

Channel sales Executive/Manager –

Channel sales mean that sales are done through different routes. For example, at a FMCG, B2B sales are done through retail stores, wholesale stores, entertainment centres, corporate establishments, all these are various channels and companies need these specialist channel managers to manage these sales.

The endeavour is to continuously bring in sales through these avenues. You will require to be very creative and find opportunities where there are none or excel in the existing channels.

Marketing Roles

Marketing executive/Manager –

A lot of sales executive roles are advertised as marketing executive roles. If you are looking for a pure marketing role ensure that the role speaks only of executing marketing strategies versus going out into the market and doing sales. This role requires you to be smart and knowledgeable about the business and competition.

This require executing a complete strategy for the business through which revenues can be made, it could be through direct sales, advertising, public relations, digital marketing etc. You will need to have a pulse of the marketing scenario and know the latest consumer trends.

Brand Manager –

This role is the custodian of the brand, they are in charge of calling the shots related to the brand including the packaging, imagery and advertising of the brand. You will have to have a high aesthetic sense and also remain analytical as you have to be abreast of consumer research reports and industry trends.

Digital Marketing Analyst/Manager –

This is a new branch of marketing and it includes devising marketing strategies meant for the digital media. There are a lot of digital channels including social media networks and other digital channels like email, mobile that require a completely different approach to marketing strategies. You will need to be internet savvy, understand what virality means and create fast and easily consumable media. You will completely need to understand the millennial mindset for this.

These are just some of the common sales and marketing internships that you will come across job portals and listings. Every company has their own terminology including growth manager, business development manager, enterprise sales, institutional sales, relationship manager, but they all have similar objectives as the ones mentioned. If you think you fit the bill of a savvy sales or marketing professional then you can find one from a host of opportunities here.