5 quick ways to nail a ‘Telephonic Interview’.

5 quick ways to nail a ‘Telephonic Interview’.


1. Benefit from your personal absence:
When you go for a personal interview, you are most likely to be judged on more than just your answers. Your body language is one of the things that will be constantly monitored. The way you talk, walk, react to questions you don’t know the answer to, your posture, how you handle the nervousness and stress – do you fix your hair too much? Fidget with your pen? Shift your feet more than necessary? -What you’re wearing and how you’re carry it off, is another issue altogether. You do not have to worry about any of these while being on telephone. Isn’t that a good thing?  The odds are pretty much in your favor and the only thing you have to possibly take care of is your language, the tone of your voice, the confidence and you’re all set to pull off a great interview sitting on your couch in your pajamas!

2. Work on the FAQs beforehand:
Like every other personal interview, make sure you are prepared with answers to at least the most commonly asked questions. Tell me about yourself. Why do you want to work with us? What are your strengths and when do you go weak? Where do you see yourself in five years? Most importantly, don’t try to memorize your answers. Jot down a few points you plan on mentioning and build your answer around it, one way or the other. Practice your answers aloud. Since you are having a telephonic interview, make notes to avoid situations where you go completely blank or can’t recall a point.

3. Watch that phone:
Land-lines are pretty much an early-man thing now, so most of you would end up using a smart phone, in which case, the last thing you want is being in the middle of an elaborate impressive answer and your battery running  out. Charge your phone to the cent percent mark.  If you’re the one calling, get more than enough balance to last you at least an hour or two. Situate yourself in an area where reception is available uninterrupted. Get on a call with a friend before the big interview to see that your voice is clear and understandable. Simple things like these will go a long way in saving you from a mishap you never saw coming.

4. Pick your ‘Mind Palace’ wisely:
Location is a very important factor. Anything that reduces your attention span to that of a cat should not be anywhere around you while you are on the interview call. So, yes, Starbucks might not be where you should be. Pick the quietest room in your house and prefer being alone. Choose a time, when there will be less people around, to be on the safe side.  Internet is your friend, but if you are most likely to end up panicking while searching for facts to strengthen your answer, stay very far away from your computer. It may do more harm than good. Keep a notepad and a pen handy, in an event where you have to solve something or note down an address.

5. Ensure the next step:
What happens after your interview is over?  Do you call/mail to know the result or do they prefer getting back to you? The timeline of the wait?  Is there anything else they’d like to know about you, which might help them make a positive decision? Is there anything YOU want to know about the company, especially stuff like, which office has a vacancy, in case they have multiple offices?  Asking is the key to knowing. Do not hesitate to question things like these. Lastly, thank the interviewer for his time and don’t rush into hanging up on him, now that you’re done. Manners, people.




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