10 things to carry with you for an interview!

10 things to carry with you for an interview!


1. An extra resume:
You have probably submitted a resume or have carried one, however this may sound silly but there are a large number of individuals who forgot to carry more than one resume. carry a few copies or your resume and also try to carry a soft copy of your resume on your pen drive.

2. Portfolio of sample work:
Depending on the kind of job you are applying for it is a good idea to carry with yourself a portfolio of your work. Organise all your work into a portfolio and carry that along with you. organise it well and ensure that the presentation of your sample work is not shabby.

3. An organiser:
This is a must. Pick for your self and organiser and try to keep all your important documents and sample work in one place so that you don’t have to look for one piece of paper in a pile of papers that you may be carrying.

4. Bottle of water, tissues , mints and hand sanitizer:
carry these in your bag as you never know when you might need. You want to ensure you carry yourself in the best way that you can and having these basics handy can help you a great deal in doing so.

5. A cover letter:
Chances are that you’ve already submitted your cover letter in your pre interview process or you may not have even be asked to submit one, however always make it a point to write a cover letter and carry at least one with yourself for the interview. It of course is beneficial if you carry a few copies of these too!

6.  Pack a quick lunch:
You can’t estimate how long your interview would take. Depending the hour of the day, always carry a quick snack or a quick lunch. Being on an empty stomach can really get one very uneasy so ensure you don’t get into that situation. you want to stay as calm as you can for your interview.

7. Restrict the number of bags:
Carrying more than one bag, or a bunch of smaller things that require being lugged around constantly, may not only be a sign of being disorganized person, but will also tie you down. You want to be able to move quickly, and it’s better to not have anything get in the way.

8. Reference letters:
Reference letters can be very useful for the interviewer to understand how you function and will definitely add in a positive way to your interview. Always carry at least 2-3 reference letters. It is the best way to support your statements.

9. Passport size photos:
Always carry a few copies of your passport size photographs. You never know when they might need copy and not having one can really leave a negative impression.

10. Extra stationary:
Borrowing a pen from the interviewer is a big NO. Always ensure you are carrying with yourself at least 2 pens, both that work well. A bunch of loose sheets of paper didn’t hurt anybody, either.




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