That One Trick That Trumps Networking, To Move Ahead In Careers

That One Trick That Trumps Networking, To Move Ahead In Careers

Networking is good, but this trick of being there is purely intelligent! Read how this trick can sort your career out, at times!


Networking 101 (notclosed)

From that interns’ table at your internships to that cubicle to that lush office, networking can take you places. Well, we already told you so. We told you about the glorious times when you get selected for your internships; you join, do your work and the internship comes to an end, yada yada! We also told you how the mission still doesn’t get accomplished until you get involved in the godly web of Networking. However, today we tell you about another trick that trumps networking and manoeuvres your career in the right direction.

Move over networking, because the new trick is here. Embrace the holy ‘Concept of Exchange’. While networking is all about getting to know the right kind of people for your work, this concept of giving and taking (the exchange) is the new trick that you should use. A psychologist, Adam Grant in his book states, “When we meet a new person who expresses enthusiasm about connecting, we frequently wonder whether he’s acting friendly because he’s genuinely interested in a relationship that will benefit both of us, or because he wants something from us“.

Networking Trick: Should you be a giver or a taker?

And this is such a give away that you, of course, get to know. The takers approach networking in a way that tells “I will get that done for you, once you get this done for me”. While this straightforward approach is not a bane, it is not a boon either because many people consider this as mere manipulation.

Whereas, givers give with the idea of nothing in return. Reciprocation is good but remember the transactional approach might not work for everyone. It all depends on who are you approaching and what are you trying to achieve.

Networking is something that is an innate trait. All you got to do is be friendly. Be open to the idea of being helpful to everyone out there. You never get to know who can be helpful in the future. Therefore, get out there and be the most helpful self that you could ever be.

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– Happy Networking!