The ONE thing you MUST invest in, if you are building a...

The ONE thing you MUST invest in, if you are building a startup – Find out what is it!


.We all are living in an age where we are bombarded with so many options that it is hard to choose one among many. And in an era of cutthroat competition its hard to be forgiven even for a single mistake and even if a company tries to make up with a dissatisfied customer,the rectification of their mistakes should be at a pace greater than speed of light.

This is where social media comes in place. A platform where you can attract your target customers  with a cost which is negligible in comparison to traditional marketing. Here are 5 points why social media is next to oxygen for a budding startup:

.1.Burns a smaller hole in pocket:
A startup in its initial phase is putting its major chunk of its investment into its product and hiring the right kind of people. To market its product it cannot afford to take the path of traditional marketing where the investment is high. Social media platforms come to rescue them in such a situation. Startup can hire one guy who has good amount of knowledge of various social media platforms and who is creative enough to create viral content and their problem of marketing their product to their customers will be taken care of.

2.Getting to know your target customers:
In the starting you cannot create a generic product. You have to build a product which targets a small chunk of customers,make them loyal to your brand and then scale up from them. But how to know who these target customers are going to be? This is where social media marketing comes to aid. You can experiment with your content on social media and then see how the viewers of your content respond to it. You can get to know the age, occupation,location of people interested in your content and Whola !! You have got your first bunch of target customers.

3.Seeking immediate feedback:
You never know how your product is going to turn out in your customer’s hands. You can try your level best to keep it simple and user friendly but it could end up being confusing to customers and they can be dissatisfied with their first experience of your product. Now you would want to know the concerns of your first time users immediately. You don’t want to wait for the customers to write back to you. Who has got the time to do that? There are enough options to replace you in the market if you don’t follow up on the concerns immediately. Now how to know these concerns? Analyze the traffic on your Facebook page. Analyze how the hashtag of your product is roaming around in Twitter. Are people hitting likes on your Instagram pictures or not. Run my friend.Run.

4.This will make you 10 times more creative:
And you ask how? Lets say you want to open up a coffee chain in India. You are going to face the big guns such as Café Coffee Day , Barista. And now even Starbucks. So consider me as one of their loyal customers. How are you going to steal me from them? (STEAL!! Yes..Already told you. This is a big jungle .Do or die) If I am drinking regular coffee from these brands where I get all the facilities along with perk of clicking a selfie with a Starbucks mug why should I even knock at your door. You are going to impress your potential customers through social media. Flood your Instagram with food porn (And please make sure the food is somewhat close to that.) Have a sleek functional online menu. Keep a track of what your consumers like by analyzing their online activities. Everyone wants to get flattered. The only thing is who does it first to woo the customers away.

5.We live online:
Yes. We start our days with our smartphones and make sure our tablets are sleeping next to us by the time we are in our bed at night. We no more switch on a real idiot box to watch our favorite shows. We go to Netflix. So we even want the products which we use to come where we are. You don’t want to spend your time and money going towards the traditional ways of Newspaper advertisements or even email marketing. We want to get amazed. We want the adrenaline rush and for that you have to shock us so that we stop scrolling and look at what you just posted on Facebook or what you just Tweeted. Make sure we put one finger(No not even the foot. We love clicking.Remember? ) in the door and maybe then your product can have a chance to amaze us with what it can do.

So you got to have a very strong online presence in this competitive market if you want your product to flourish. And even when you become established and have won our hearts, do not make a mistake of resting on your laurels. Always be on your toes and keep improving otherwise we will kick you out of that same door from where we welcomed you. Yes.We are ruthless.

Always remember someone else is starting at this right moment from the very same place from where you started once.

Happy Marketing!

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