The something new, something different in my internship at RChilli | By...

The something new, something different in my internship at RChilli | By Vanshaj Setia.


unnamed (1)Internship by dictionary definition refers to a job training for white-collar and professional careers which is similar to apprenticeships for vocational jobs. Just like the description that comes off as rather complex to understand, my entire situation where I was about to embark on my journey of experiencing the first ever internship of my educational career, was something I couldn’t initially wrap my head around.

Rchilli Inc., a Resume Analytics Company was the place of my internship, which works on resume management , automation of the CV’s, collaboration with the social lives of candidates, and fuels the Search and Match technologies. For the first I was heading towards something so new, something so different, something to experience which apparently added that feeling of nervousness and anxiety to the list of emotions and finally when I walked to the door of this prestigious organization, the confidence too walked with me. As soon as I entered, I was kindly welcomed by the Manager of Digital Marketing at The Rchilli team. He introduced me to the rest of the members, and all of them welcomed me so pleasingly, which further boosted my confidence.
Finally, I was allotted my seat, and henceforth began my first of the many days of my internship. Having a family background of doctors, I always wondered how a company functions, and with questions regarding that in mind, I started off by researching and finally coming to realize that for a company to function in it’s most efficient and productive way, there are two things required. The first is people and the second is the hard work they have the potential to put in. This is what I could see when I was working there as an intern, which certainly motivated and lit up the candle of inspiration in me.

I started off my internship experience with a touch of digital marketing like viewing the blogs, commenting on the blog posts, exploring the Rchilli website, which not only contributed to my experience tally but also helped me understand the company procedure regarding these areas and also other protocols present in those systems.

Being in a workaholic environment inevitably adds something extra to our maturity levels and gives us the determination to work beyond our limits and Rchilli has undoubtedly contributed to sum these attributes in my internship experience. I would like to thank Rchilli; it’s members to give me such a prodigious opportunity and to let me experience the work that they do, helping me to traverse another step to my future endeavors.

I am grateful to Mr. Vinay Johar, The Chief Executive Officer Of The RChilli Inc. to give me such a prestigious opportunity to work as an intern in his firm and helping me gain so much of experience in the journey of my first internship.

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