The Unexpected Perks of being an Intern

The Unexpected Perks of being an Intern

Read to know the unexpected perks you get as an intern, apart from your stipend!


c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800Obviously, an internship is valuable for the standard reasons— gaining corporate experience, strengthening your career prospects post-graduation, adding another resume point. And getting paid is definitely an advantage as well. However, there are some unexpected perks of an internship that will encourage you more to opt for an internship.

They get to eat lunch

Hopefully, at every place interns work they are given a real lunch break (because they absolutely should.) While we may be throwing food in our mouths at our desks, we get to watch them walk off and see the outside world. Google interns receive free gourmet breakfasts, lunches and dinners, access to a gaming room and other exciting activities like rock climbing and evening cruises. Jealous much?

They get to travel

A lot of interns get to travel quite a bit. Heck, many airline intern program lets interns fly for free! Many internships also offer travel reimbursements.

They get cool free stuff

Not at every company but at magazine, media and fashion-related companies you are bound to get at least one free thing. If an editor is sent new products and doesn’t want them, at times the interns can take their pick. This can be anything from a new lotion, a travel-sized hair iron or even unwanted clothing.

They can actually save their money

Yes, there are still unpaid internships but as we recently learned, interns can also make bank during their summer breaks. According to Business Insider, last winter sixty-five graduate students studying for their Masters of Financial Engineering earned more than the full-time employees. As interns. Google interns are also competitively paid.

Internships take time and can be intimidating at first, but they are definitely worth the leap of faith. So just get out there and get yourself an internship! You won’t regret it.