Things To Do After Your Summer Internship Ends

Things To Do After Your Summer Internship Ends

Done with your internship? Here are a few things you should do once your summer internship ends to ensure you make the most of the opportunity.


Here is what you can do once you are done with your summer internship.
Here is what you can do once you are done with your summer internship.

As summer internships draw to an end and the fall and winter internships set in, here are a few things you can do to leave a lasting impact on your employer. To remain in the good books of the employers (their positive review will matter a lot in the job world) and to possibly convert the internship opportunity into a full-time job offer, here are a few summer internship etiquettes which you should follow.

Keep in touch

Spend your internship building connections. That by no means implies that you are supposed to sit and just talk during the internship and make as many friends as you can. But yes, it does mean building a network where you show up on each other’s LinkedIn feed or social media feeds.

Be actively in touch with the people you come in contact with during your internship stint.

Make it a habit to contact them at least twice every month to know what they are doing, how they are keeping up and tell them in turn about yourself.

Project updates

Before you leave an internship, make sure you complete all the projects assigned to you and hand it in to the management. Your boss and colleagues will really appreciate your sense of duty and professionalism if you close all files before moving out.

Ask for an update on the project you were working to know how it is performing or what additional changes have been made to it.

That will show your keen interest in the work you were doing and leave a great impression on the recruiter.

Say thank you

Sending a thank you note to your employer will take only a few minutes but it will make a great impact on how they view you as a potential employee. Just say thank you for the opportunity or you appreciate the trust they put in you to tell the employer and your boss that you appreciate your time working with them.

It is a great turn off when people don’t send a follow-up thank you note and can seriously harm your chances of getting a full-time job.

While an internship is all about learning and making your place in the company with your work, it is also necessary to understand the meaning of courtesy and etiquette. These simple things can go a long way in creating a positive impact. If you do your work properly, complete all the assignments before leaving and actively work on building your network then your boss and the company where you interned will be happy to recommend you and even hire you.

So, while you get ready to bid adieu to your summer internship, here are some follow-up tips that you should keep in mind. And while the season of summer internships is over, the era of winter internships has just begun. Sign up and browse through various internship portals to find virtual internships or full-time internships or even part-time internships of your choice.