This 1 year old Bangalore-based startup just raised a $650,000 funding!

This 1 year old Bangalore-based startup just raised a $650,000 funding!


knowstartup-dunzo-1024x409Ever sat around scratching your head, making a to-do list and wondering how you are going to complete the list of all personal tasks that you have? Meet Dunzo, the mobile app to get all your daily tasks ‘done’. These tasks can be anything –  from conventional ones like, getting a reservation at your favorite restaurant, visits to the grocery store, getting your car picked up from servicing, or fixing something at home, to non-conventional ones like driving pigeons out of your balcony, or repairing clocks.

10482191_174364189400621_8225019586653097742_nStarted by Dalvir Suri, Kabeer Biswas, Ankur Aggarwal, and Mukund Jha, this Bangalore based start-up, was launched in 2015. Since then, they have tied up with 100-150 businesses for easy completion of the tasks requested by customers, and have attended to 10,000+ happy customers.

“We went around getting partners for only things that users wanted. We realized that very very tiny percentage of local businesses actually matter in the local space and you don’t end up using more than top 5% of local businesses.” Biswas told Economic Times.

Dunzo operates in three very simple ways:
– Create a to-do list of all the mundane things in your life that you want to be taken care of.
– Chat with Dunzo’s human operator about how you want to go about checking your tasks off the list.
– See your tasks dunzo-ed away.

Dunzo comes with the following features:
– Multi-tasking: Dunzo lets you add multiple tasks to your to-do list, which you can get done all at once.
– Add, edit, cancel and modify your to-do list as and when required.
– One Tap payments: A large part of completing your to-do’s, is to pay for them, hence Dunzo is designed to be cashless.
– Tracking: You can track your tasks, and get notified of their progress, while they are in the process of being completed.
– Dunzo is available 24*7.

knowstartup-dunzo2In their recent pre-Series A round of funding, Dunzo has raised an investment of $650,000 from Blume Ventures, Aspada, and a few well-known angel investors like Sandipan Chattopadhyay, CTO, Just Dial and Rajan Anandan, Head – Google India.

Dunzo is currently a 19 member team, with most of the employees working in the Technology department. According to Kabeer Biswas, they’d be utilizing the money for further product development, to get more people on-board, planning an expansion in other cities, and partnering with more businesses.

Currently, Dunzo’s business model is based around charging the customers for logistics, which varies from task-to-task.




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