This Is How You Find Top Internships On LetsIntern (Part Two)

This Is How You Find Top Internships On LetsIntern (Part Two)

Kudos to those who have managed to scoop the Top Internships to kick start their career. For those who need a guide, this is it.


Get ready for the big lot of summer internships this season.
Get ready for the big lot of internships this season.

It is a very well known fact that internships earn the right kind of experience to get you job ready. With these plenty of top internships available on the LetsIntern portal, one can secure chances to give their career the necessary directional push. Let’s see how you can intern with the help of LetsIntern.

LetsIntern updates the available internships every day. The website has a module which lets employers post ads for interns to browse through. These internships are available under different categories; this blog is a guided insight on the ‘Internships by Location’ category.

Internships by Location

As it is quite obvious, this segment covers internships from different regions and cities in India. Our top picks are cities like Delhi NCR region, MumbaiBangaloreHyderabad, Pune. For aspiring students in cities other than these Metropolitans, we also offer Pan-India Internships, which can be availed by students from any part of the country.

Top Internships in Delhi NCR

These are the internships which are offered by companies situation in Delhi NCR region. Companies offer both paid and unpaid internships. Here are the latest top internships in Delhi NCR. These internships pay as much as Rs. 30,000. We also feature 10 Delhi NCR internships on our blogs every Monday.

Top Internships in Mumbai 

These internships are rosy chances for all the aspiring interns from Mumbai. You may choose your favourite pick amongst many roles such as Graphic Designer, Content Writer, Business Development intern etc depending on the offer made. For latest Mumbai Internships, click here. You can always find our list of 10 Mumbai internships, every Tuesday on our blog.

Pan-India Internships

Our internship portal is not just for the students who have the chance to live in the big cities. We also curate internships from all over the country, so that every aspirant can get one. This section includes internships from all across the nation. Our blog showcases Pan-India Internships every Wednesday.

Top Internships in Bangalore

Yes, you guessed it correct. These are top internships enlisted for students in Bangalore. You may pick your choice of internship based on your skills, interest and availability. To check out internships in Bangalore, this is it. And yes, Thursday is the day we pick internships in Bangalore.

Virtual Internships/ Domain Specific Internships 

For students who really want to gain hands-on experience in the field, they are deeply focused on, should try domain specific internships. Whether you are a Content Writer yet to be published or a budding Digital Marketer, explore our portal to find your best match. For those who want part-time gigs or have college lectures taking most of the time, yet want to apply for internships, go for Virtual Internships! We also filter lucrative work-from-home internships for such seekers. And yes, Friday is the day!

The first part of the blog tells you about the top internships available categorically. For more top internships, internship stories, updates and fun, visit our blog.