Tips To Find An Internship Through Social Media

Tips To Find An Internship Through Social Media


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We are nearing the end of 2018, and it’s time to find an internship for the summer of 2019. Many universities offer college internships through campus placements, but if your college does not, then do not worry.

In the age of social media and digital networking, it’s actually not so difficult to find something you are looking an answer to; Yes! not even an internship.

So, in this article, we will discuss some of the best methods through which you can find an internship on the multiple social networking platforms.

How to find an internship on Facebook

Facebook, despite its shortcoming on security and safety of data, continues to be a popular social networking site. Almost all companies and brands create content for Facebook and keep making regular updates.

What you have to do is –

  • Follow Company Pages and Internship Platform Pages – Make a list of your dream companies and follow them on Facebook. Quite a few of them make a public announcement of when their internship recruitment starts and how to apply. For example, if you follow the FB page of Letsintern, you will get all the updates on the latest internships available in your area.


  • Join Internship Groups – Facebook Groups are fantastic resources to find an internship. There are multiple groups related to start-ups, entrepreneurs, internships, freelance jobs, etc. where you will see regular posting about internships. Make sure you check in once daily on these groups to not miss out on any updates.

If followed correctly you can easily get college internships through Facebook. However, the competition is very high, and you will have multiple people who do the same thing! So stay ahead and respond to ads immediately.


How to find an internship on Instagram

Instagram might seem like the unlikeliest of places to find an internship. But, it is also a treasure trove of information, and the best internship tips for finding one through Instagram is to follow Hashtags.

Instagram works on Hashtags so you should follow tags like #internships #internshipindia #internsneeded #indiainterns #indianinternships etc. to see all posts related to internships.

They will show up on your feed daily, and you can get information about new internships plus internship inspiration and also information about where others are pursuing internships. You can even connect to different people who are pursuing internships in exciting places.


How to find an internship on Twitter

Twitter works similar to Instagram, but it has a broader audience and demographics. You will find people from all walks of life active on Twitter compared to a younger demographic on Instagram. Even brands interact more actively on Twitter. You can, in fact, tweet to the companies you want to work with or Direct Message them with your request, and they will lead you to the right person.

You will also want to follow Hashtags just like on Instagram. Finding internship through social media is all about being creative, the wealth of information is already there, you need to mine it effectively.


How to find an internship through LinkedIn

Arguably the most professionally legit social media platforms, LinkedIn is a place where finding a suitable internship can be a cakewalk. Many of the internships are directly posted as jobs, and you should be able to apply easily.

However, one of the most critical internship tips for getting a job through this platform is via networking.

You should connect to executives who are working in the dream companies and pitch yourself to them. Introduce yourself, what you want and how you can contribute to the company and see if they give you a chance!

LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Company pages are also a crucial resource to find an internship. You can follow them and get regular recruitment updates.



So there you have it! Once you follow all these internship tips on finding an internship through social media, you will start seeing results instantly! There are hundreds of internships out there, and even the companies are searching for creative and self-motivated individuals who will find an internship on their own. So get out there and start putting social media to a good use!

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