Top 5 Law internships from Law Commission of India, Copyright Integrity International,...

Top 5 Law internships from Law Commission of India, Copyright Integrity International, and other top firms.


LAW INTERNSHIPS1. Kachwaha & Partners:
Kachwaha & Partners is a full service law Firm, with offices at Delhi and Mumbai with associate lawyers in most major cities of India. The main office of the Firm is in New Delhi, conveniently located next to the diplomatic mission area. It is easily accessible from all parts of Delhi as well as its suburbs.

The Partners and members of the firm are senior professionals with years of experience behind them. They bring the highest level of professional service to clients along with the traditions of the profession, integrity and sound ethical practices.

They have been awarded the ‘Deal of the Year Award’ by Indian Business Law Journal (Hong Kong) in the category of Infrastructure and Project Finance (2012) and declared a “Winner” in by the Indian Business Law Journal in the category of Dispute Resolution continuously since 2012.

The firm is happy to accept law students for short term internships. Generally, 3rd year students (in a five year integrated law course) or final year students (in a three year course) would be a good fit. Also the applicant must be desirous of a career in law.

Interested applicants may please write to Ms. Ankit Khushu (Internship / Recruitment co-ordinator) at along with detailed Curriculum Vitae.

2. Law Commission of India.
The Law Commission of India provides opportunities by holding Summer (May/June) Winter (November/December) Voluntary Internship Programme.

About the internship programme:

  1. Duration of internship will be 4 Weeks ordinarily.
  2. The Law Commission pays no remuneration/expenses.
  3. The interested law students pursuing studies (2nd and 3rd year of three-year and 3rd to 5th year of five-year law degree course only) at any recognized College/Law School/University may send their applications in the enclosed format by 1st April (in case of Summer programme) and by 1st October (in case of Winter programme).
  4. These applications may be sent either by post/courier or by hand to reach the Office of the Law Commission, 14th Floor, Hindustan Times House, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 110 001. The delivery by hand should be given to the Secretary of Law Commission. Application received after the cut off date shall not be considered and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard. Incomplete application will not be entertained.
  5. All these applications will be scrutinized and the actual offer will be sent to the selected students subject to the availability of slot and approval of the Competent Authority. Maximum number of slots to be  offered to these students shall not ordinarily exceed five at any point of time.
  6. The students will have to produce a recommendation/no-objection letter from their Director or Head of Department, after receiving intimation from this office.
  7. Interns will be required to present a research paper on a selected topic at the end of their study and also undergo other studies assigned and prepare notes on it and submit to the concerned officer for evaluation and suggestions, if any, by the Commission.
  8. A certificate will be issued to the Intern at the end of her/his internship after evaluation of the research paper or assessment of the work done.

Click here for the application form.

The Programme is open for students pursuing studies in Law from recognized Colleges/Law Schools/Universities in India.

3. Human Rights Law Network (HRLN)
Duration: 6 weeks.

About: The Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) is collective of lawyers and social activists dedicated to the use of the legal system to advance human rights, struggle against violations, and ensure access to justice for all. HRLN started out in 1989 as a small group of concerned lawyers and social activists from tiny premises in Bombay.

Today, the Human Rights Law Network has evolved into a nationwide network of more than 200 lawyers, paralegals, and social activists spread across 26 states/union territories.

HRLN provides pro-bono legal services to those with little or no access to the justice system, conducts litigation in the public interest, engages in advocacy, runs helplines, conducts legal awareness programmes, sensitizes the judiciary, investigates violations and deploys crisis-intervention teams, plans People’s Tribunals, publishes ‘know your rights’ materials, participates in campaigns, and proposes solutions to some of India’s foremost social problems.

Click here for more details and apply now.

The Application Process:

  • Applications close on the last day each month, for internships commencing five months thereafter (January for July, February for August, March for September, April for October, May for November, June for December, July for January, August for February, September for March, October for April, November for May, December for June for December). You can also apply in earlier.
  • The Applicant is expencted to send in the Application form along with a writing sample (400 words), a research sample (400 Words) and one references (academic and/or employment).
  • The applicant can mail their application along with their CV either to Internship Coordinator, India Center for Human Rights and Law, 1st Floor, Jalaram Krupa, 61, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400001, or email it to
  • Shortlisted candidates will be informed within a fortnight. The second round of telephone interviews will take place the subsequent fortnight, and selected candidates will be notified, soon thereafter.
  • Selected candidates should submit their waiver forms within a period of 2 weeks of having been selected, failing to do could mean losing the placement to wait-listed applicants.

4. Copyright Integrity International:
About: CII is the brainchild of a network of global professionals aiming to maintain and protect the integrity of valuable content online. Having witnessed the adverse effects of mass piracy on the music and motion picture industries, our team is aware of the threats posed by the internet to revenue streams that keep content-driven industries alive. CII was established with the aim of providing highly professional, yet cost-efficient, intellectual property portfolio management services to owners of digital assets.

– Headquartered in India’s technology hub, Bangalore, with offices internationally, CII is able to offer superior 24/7 service at cost-effective rates to clients globally.
– Engaged by clients in North America, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, the UAE and India.
– Multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual team including specialist lawyers, technologists and forensic web analysts with a comprehensive understanding of online intellectual property rights protection.
– Consulted by the World Intellectual Property Organization and other international organizations, think-tanks and industry groups on digital piracy.

To seek internship opportunities with CII, mail them at or

5. Hariani & Co
About: Hariani & Co is a prominent full service Indian law firm with a reputation for excellence. Established in 1991, it has a young, dynamic and fast-growing team of over 75 legal professionals. The firm has offices inthree cities of Western India, Mumbai, Pune and Goa, and a reach throughout India and abroad.

The firm’s clients include large domestic and international commercial and industrial corporations, banks and financial institutions, film production houses, private equity and VC funds, real estate developers, individuals and entrepreneurs, charitable, medical and educational institutions.

If you are a bright and driven law student who wants an internship/article clerkship,  click here to apply.

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