Top 6 Interns Who Sizzled on Wooplr this Summer!

Top 6 Interns Who Sizzled on Wooplr this Summer!



This Summer, Wooplr has been the starlet of the season for many students and youngsters looking for Internships from As we took you through the top reasons why you should intern at Wooplr, let’s find out if it was actually a worthwhile journey for our Interns. Presenting you with pride, our top 6 Summer Interns who got recruited from India’s top internship platform and have helped Wooplr take a step ahead and have been shining stars in our wall of hard work.

1. Ishita Gupta:
‘My beliefs are the synopsis of my Fashion Stories I create, and well, it might just be a very confusing task for any normal person to understand my fashion mantra. As for me, all that confusion always led to a perfect fusion of different cultures, and styles.’

We don’t really know about others but, we, at Wooplr, matched a few chords with her heart and gave her an opportunity to love what she loved and most importantly, appreciate her personal fashion, making her own it without any two thoughts.

For her it wasn’t just a mere internship, it meant like walking a mile on her favorite road – Fashion.

Then and Now?
Self-Conscious to Super-Confident

2. Palak Saluja:
A foodie, a travel bug, a simple philanthropist and Miss Always content – Palak is one of our cutest summer interns. Till anything intrigues her to a level that it is not only captivating but intoxicating, that is when she would pay some attention to it! Coming out pretty frank, she told us, ‘Who doesn’t want to sit home and shop at forever 21. Also you get to know so much about style and brands. Wooplr is all about Discovering, Shopping, and Flaunting! Thus, it’s every girl’s secret best friend!
What kept her the most engaged while using Wooplr were not just the targets that she was asked to meet, but, also, the amazing challenges that she could take up on the app as an active and fashionable user. Yes, it’s about a lot of fun and some easy work.

Then and now?
High on Fashion to Sloshed with Fashion


3. Vaishali Jain:
‘Online shopping has become a boom in India, so, thumbs up to all the E-commerce websites, but, there is a crowd out there that simply wants to know where they can find perfect looks at, from top to bottom, and Wooplr, is that fill up in the empty space. It’s so exciting to explore the diverse looks that are showcased in the app, and another pump is when I can see where I can buy the same outfit from, so, I don’t have to feel envious, I could be a star too!’.
Vaishali is our hot-shot intern, who is not only obsessed about fashion, but, also wishes to pursue her career in the same field. Wooplr, was a major stepping stone for her for all the exposure she needed to set her own goals.

Then and Now?
Underdog turned Fashion Queen

Untitled4. Saachi Suvarna:
A policy that we always follow is – ‘To Work with Wooplr, you need to fall in love with it!’ Being Saachi’s first internship, Wooplr makes a very important chapter in her book of life. While hunting for the ideal internship, she came across us and found it just her cup of tea. Throughout her expedition, she felt pampered, alive and discovered her strength bar rising.

It doesn’t demand to sit in the office. You can sit in your pyjamas and still work, at your own comfort. You are not being closely observed and still being observed. You can work no matter where on earth are you; possibly on a vacation, partying, college, shopping or even out on a boring date. You can nevertheless easily manage to work since it doesn’t take much of your time. This is why I love it to the fullest!’

Then and Now?
Dreamer to Chaser

5. Himanshi Sharma:
This budding Fashion Blogger has been one of the reasons why our app is among the most sexy start ups all over India. Her looks from the freshfacebeauty have done wonders on Wooplr, and her summers were undoubtedly spent in the best manner with this internship. ‘You will never get a better opportunity than this, where your passion is your job. You get paid for what you like, increase your social circle and showcase your talent. As a Blogger I always wanted to work where I could use my talent to inspire others. At Wooplr, I was allowed to work my way and my hobby was my job.’ She believes that one should never be afraid of following their choices, for, eventually, what they like is actually the real Fashion.

Then and Now?
Social Bee to communal Butterfly

Untitled6. Prabhat Bahl:
To your surprise, yes, he is a guy! Among all these Interns, if there was someone who had a ball while socializing, it was him. Being a follower of ‘wear less, flaunt more’ fashion statement, Prabhat was captured into the world of Female Fashion and believe us, he can tell you a lot more about fashion than any girl. For him, this internship has been like bread and butter, and effortlessly, he has managed to finish his challenges right on time. ‘I happened to take this up for fun sake, for, I knew it wouldn’t take me time to provide them what they needed and in all that fun, I realized the kind of experience I was getting was beyond explanations. I had a great time working with them!’

Then and Now?
Female Friendly turned Ladies’ man

Feeling like you missed out on something? At Wooplr, never!

If you want to be one amongst them for this month then Click here to apply for Wooplr Campus Fashion Manager.

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