Top Internships In Bangalore You Should Check Out Today

Top Internships In Bangalore You Should Check Out Today


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Internships have a way of making you more confident about yourself and helping you do better in your career. The best internship opportunities teach you not just how to do your work effectively but also how to conduct yourself smartly in an office space.

As such, you need to be smart about which internships you choose. And, to help you with your choice, we bring you top internships in Bangalore that you can apply for today.


Business Development Intern – Percoyo Pvt Ltd.

Top notch training to help you prepare for your future, an internship certificate, and exposure to one of the best service sectors in Bangalore are some of the perks associated with this internship.

Add to that a great stipend ranging from Rs 5000 – 20000 and this turns into one of the most interesting internships in Bangalore.

To be a part of this paid internship opportunity, you should be ready to build a sales pipeline for B2B services and use external lead generation agencies, digital marketing, and email marketing to carry on your work effectively.

You should also be eager to research the core problems that affect leads and the market in general and see what appeals to the audience the most – the product and services they are using.

A good command over language with an understanding of MS office tools is required to make it through. бесплатная дебетовая карта



Android Developer –

Free snack, flexible work hours, an internship certificate and a pre-placement offer (if you prove yourself) are not the only perks associated with this Android Developer internship in Bangalore.

With a stipend of Rs 10000 – 15000, it can really set your pocket jingling throughout the semester. Of course, add to that the fact that is a multiple award-winning start-up, and you wouldn’t be lacking anything.

To be a part of this internship program, you need to have a knack to develop and test android/iOS app of Eye-D. You should also be eager to learn and grow and brainstorm new ideas with the team.

Apart from that, you should be willing to talk to the users every once in a while to gain new insights on the project you are handling.



Content Writer – Krafting Networks

Strong communication skills (written and verbal) and a knack for writing interesting content are the main requirements to qualify for one of the most creative internships in Bangalore.

To be a part of this internship, you need to understand the concepts and work on the insights provided to you. If selected, you will have to not just write user-friendly content but also manage social media.

The perks of working here include not just exposure in the content writing field but also the opportunity to work under and learn from experienced writers.

You will also get to work closely with the Brand Management teams and the stipend rings at Rs 6000 – 8000.



Video Editing and Animation – Growth Marketers

Ideate, create, edit – if these are the words that give you the high and you fancy yourself as a video connoisseur, then this is the paid internship opportunity for you.

From flexible work hours to sponsored lunches, a relaxed environment and a place to practice your TT and Foosball skills – this is one of those internships in Bangalore you wouldn’t want to miss.

And, the great stipend ranging from Rs 8000 – 24000 is just the right topping you need to make the opportunity near perfect. Not just that, you might also get to lead a team for shooting interviews, short movies, event coverage, etc.

If selected for this internship, you will have to take ownership of the complete process, ranging from conceptualization, script, voiceover to storyboard, animation, visual style, music, and delivery. You will also have to repurpose the existing content as eBooks, blogs, case studies or videos.



Graphic Designer Intern – Inquest

A stipend worth Rs 8000 – 10000, letter of recommendation, a possible job offer, free snacks, and beverages and a relaxed dress code; certainly one of the best internships in Bangalore to look forward to.

And, to grab this internship you need to have an eye for colours and be well-versed in the layout and typography techniques.

If selected, you will have to develop and design emails, website designs, web graphics, infographics, social media assets, presentations, and digital advertising campaigns. You will also be required to support the creation of a variety of non-digital projects such as flyers, white papers, brochures, etc.

A great learning opportunity, Inquest will help you hone your skills and move ahead in the field of Graphic Designing.

So, these were our top internships in Bangalore that you should be applying for right away. These internships are a mix of perfect learning opportunities, a great place to gain exposure, hold the promise of a full-time job if you perform well, while also sporting great stipend.