Unwritten Office Rules For Every Internship

Unwritten Office Rules For Every Internship

Doing a summer internship? Thinking of turning this opportunity into a full-time one? Here is what you should and should not do during your internship.


Office etiquette for your internship.
Office etiquette for your internship.

An internship can be both exciting and trying. While you might be hoping on turning the summer internship opportunity into a full-time job offer, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Accept the office culture

Every office works in a certain way. There is a hierarchy, working of things, a schedule that has to be followed and a new team to adjust with. The office culture and set-up might be very different from your college life or the place where you worked previously. So, observe the workings of the current office, see how communication is done, what is the dress code and how people interact with each other. Try to be a part of the culture to be accepted by other people.

Don’t yell or shout

You are only human and everybody understands that. However, you cannot throw in your juvenile tantrums in your office. You need to keep your temper in check. Do not shout or yell at anyone if office. Your boss, your colleagues,fellow interns, all play an important part in your success. They don’t have to be a direct part of whatever you do, but the way you behave with them will say a lot about your personality and help you move up the ladder and turn the summer internship opportunity into a job offer.

Also, the first few months are usually the probation months. That is the time the employer takes to decide whether you are a good employee or not and worth keeping. So, take care to make a good impression.

Talk, but don’t talk too much

An internship is all about maintaining a fine balance. You might feel a little intimidated in your new office. The pressure to work and learn might be too much. And on top of that, all the new faces and heavy computers and serious looking people around. But that does not mean you will shut yourself in a shell and not talk at all. If you don’t talk, then you might come across as self-centered or even snobbish. On the other hand, if you talk too much then you may be sidelined by other members of your team who will not pay you as much attention.

Try to maintain a fine balance between talking too much and talking too little. Talk when necessary, pitch in your ideas, and most importantly, show a keenness to learn new things.

Never ever point fingers

Don’t be one of those stupid kids who point finger at each other. You are now a working professional and it is important to grow up and act your part. Pointing fingers at others is not the right way to recommend yourself.

Take ownership of your mistakes instead of making silly excuses. Don’t try to ascertain what the other person is doing wrong or where they fell short, instead keep an eye on where you are going and how you are going to achieve your personal targets.

Set realistic targets

Don’t set unrealistic targets, targets which you may not be able to achieve. Know your limits, try to push those limits but know the extent to which you can go. Don’t set targets which you know you cannot achieve. This will make you look like a person who has no control over his life and does not know what his own capabilities are.

Now that you are armed with these internship tips, go out there and apply them and utilise every opportunity to its fullest. And if you are still looking for the perfect internship to come your way then browse through the internship portals and find summer internships, virtual internship or even part-time internships of your choice.