Virtual Internship at Coal Shastra : Internship Diaries

Virtual Internship at Coal Shastra : Internship Diaries

A virtual internship can make you job ready and open new, better avenues. Anurag Ganorkar did an internship with Coal Shastra and learned the whys and hows of the market.


An internship can be a great learning experience and can make you job ready, feels Anurag Ganorkar.
A virtual internship can be a great learning experience and can make you job ready, feels Anurag Ganorkar.

An Internship can help you find your footing and help you realize who you are and what you want from a job. With the job market getting increasingly competitive it is all the more important to build your own brand. A good virtual internship can help you do that, and bring you a step closer to your dream job.

Why should you invest in a virtual internship?

“I always wanted to implement all those concepts which were being taught at my B School. Doing a virtual internship provided me with that platform and allowed me to implement those concepts and learn something new each day”, says Anurag Ganorkar.

Anurag bagged his first virtual internship at Coal Shastra through the Letsintern portal. This experience helped him understand consumer behaviour in the B2B market better and also helped him understand the designing and the setting of the market.

How to bag a virtual internship

Anurag Ganorkar did not secure an ideal internship in the first go itself. He applied at many places before finally getting the internship that allowed him to explore himself and gave him the space to use his knowledge to understand and know the market and market policies better.

“I applied for a couple of companies before I got selected for this internship. Letsintern provided me with the perfect platform for it and helped me choose internships and projects as per my knowledge, skills set, experience and specialisation.”

What was the process of selection?

Most internships posted at Letsintern have their own selection criteria, which they specify either at the Letsintern portal itself or let the selected candidates know about it through email. With Coal Shastra, Anurag had to sit for a two rounds selection process. One being an interview round and the other a written test.

Being job market ready

Anurag feels more ‘ready’ for the job market since his internship. He feels that the time and energy he invested in the virtual internship helped become a more rounded individual and allowed him to grow as a team player. It also helped him know his mind and stick to his ideas while bringing him face to face with the realities of the job market and giving him a leg up in tackling all issues thrown in his direction.

Word of advice

“As an intern, it is necessary to find innovative ways of performing the tasks assigned to you. Be open to all the feedback, which might come your way. Lastly, rather than focusing on the company brand, I would recommend you to give top priority to the job profile which the company offers, which tests individuals in the corporate field”, advices Anurag.

Anurag Ganorkar, like many other members of the Letsintern family is a story of success and hard work. Currently working as a Digital Marketing Manager in German Multi- national Sports Infrastructure Company, he acknowledges that a virtual internship is a “great learning experience”.

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