Weekly Spotlight | 3 Extremely Creative Indian Start-ups that sell Tea!

Weekly Spotlight | 3 Extremely Creative Indian Start-ups that sell Tea!


.1. The Tea Shelf:
Since their launch in 2014, The Tea Shelf aims to provide you with the finest, most premium, loose leaf, Indian teas online. They cater to you, no matter which part of the globe you belong to, and is reaching out to convert all Teetotalers to tea lovers. The Tea Shelf sources its teas directly from the tea estates, thus reducing all delays and hassles associated with the numerous channels that may come in between. They take immense care to ensure that the teas that are sourced by us are stored in the most ideal conditions, since tea is extremely susceptible to its surrounding conditions.

They want to bring you the best tea experience and hence, have tea experts and tea tasters on their team whose participation is instrumental is bringing the finest Indian tea collections to their customers, which can be bought them online with a single click.

10373484_778412958887269_6794840011228953399_n2. Tea Trunk:
Although, no one really needs a reason to drink tea, it’s important to know the difference between good tea, which comes with all the health benefits, and what-most-people-think-is-good tea.

Each of the teas at Tea Trunk is specially handcrafted by their tea sommelier after days of tasting, refining and re-tasting, so that you get nothing but the very best from India’s tea gardens—with all the flavour and health benefits intact.
Quality: Most commercial producers blend vast quantities of regular-grade tea with some fine-quality tea, robbing tea of its natural flavor and goodness. At Tea Trunk, we only use the finest-quality teas sourced directly from tea estates. That’s why they taste great and do you lots of good!
Whole leaf: Tea dust is what adds to the weight of your tea but not its quality. Tea Trunk has a no-dust policy. Our teas, whether in tea bags or sold loose, are whole-leaf teas only.
All natural ingredients: Our teas are blended with only 100% natural, fresh-from-the-earth ingredients like rose petals, ginger root, and lemon peels. No artificial fragrance. No added color. No nonsense.
That special touch: Specially crafted pyramid-shaped teabags make sure our teas are comfortable and have enough room to infuse. Each tea comes with a customized brewing guide that tells you how best to steep the tea and what food to pair it with.

Also read: “There is no better time than now, to do what you enjoy doing the most.” — Snigdha Manchanda,Tea Sommelier and Founder of Tea Trunk.

10896882_972872896060708_6913876680404323385_n3. Tea Box:
Teabox was started in the year 2012, when Kaushal Dugar, who comes from a family that has been associated with tea for generations couldn’t resist telling his serene and blissful adventures from the estates of Darjeeling, to the world. He was so passionately driven by the idea of bringing back the true essence of tea, that he along with equally passionate tea lovers introduced the wonderfully named and crafted outfit, Teabox.

Teabox as a brand is a perfect blend of the old and the new. Every tea lover understands that tea is best when it is fresh from the gardens, to accentuate the same freshness, we stepped in to bring forth the much needed innovative tea specific supply chain mechanisms and innovations for timely delivery of tea all over the world, and that too without compromising on the impeccable flavor, irresistible essence and the ever soothing taste.Only the highest quality finds its way into Teabox, with every leaf comes its true identity and flavor till tea lovers sip it across the world.

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