Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian startups that you should check out right...

Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian startups that you should check out right now!


It is the era of startups and there has been a flow of companies setting foot in the industry, so many that its difficult to keep a track on the market.

Here are 5 startups you should check out!

Faircent-21. Faircent.com
Founders: Rajat Gandhi, Vinay Mathews, Nitin Gupta
City: Gurgaon.
Industry: P2P lending, FinTech.

Faircent.com is a financial technology companies in India and is growing at a very fast rate. This startup enables a direct communication between the creditors and borrowers. Borrowers post their loan requirement and reason, duration and the interest they may be willing to pay. Lenders can make offers to the borrowers which the borrower may accept or refuse. After the two parties have reached a mutual consensus Faircent helps legalise the transaction and subsequently assists in collection and recovery of the loan amount.

On the website, two pools of members register: lenders and borrowers. Borrowers post requirements for loans citing reason, loan period and a target interest rate which they are willing to pay. Lenders can individually make offers to borrowers, which the borrower can accept or refuse. Borrowers too can approach willing lenders with their loan proposals. Offers are defined in terms of amount to be lent and the applicable interest rate.. Each participant acts based on their own discretion with no intervention from us. Both borrowers and lenders can strike deals with multiple members, thus, lenders can offer a portion of the total loan amount to a borrower and lend to multiple borrowers, and borrowers can seek to raise money from multiple lenders.

Once an agreement is reached between the borrower and the lender, a formal contract is signed by them. . The lender then transfers the amount to the borrower’s account and the borrower makes periodic repayments via EMI over the stipulated time period.

Repayment can be done by issuing post dated cheques, or making electronic transfers via NEFT, netbanking etc. Repayment can be made and tracked through Faircent.

12698671_951978518223461_1433386246792464212_o2. StylFlip:
City: Mumbai
Founders: Zarik Nabi
Industry: Fashion Technology
For fashionable women who have closets full and yet nothing to wear, StylFlip is a social platform to sell, shop and flaunt your branded pre-owned fashion. Founded in November 2015, they are a mobile app that hopes to revolutionize shopping by giving you access to thousands of trendy, high fashion and luxury brands at a fraction of the cost. Through the StylFlip app you get access to an infinite and de-cluttered wardrobe filled with only the pieces you love.

Zarik’s wife – a fashion designer, has a keen sense of style and loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends.  With her ever-growing wardrobe, there were a whole lot of items that were barely used or didn’t fit and some even had tags on. Many items were significant to her and had memories attached to them. She did not want to just dispose of them. This got them thinking. There surely is someone out there that would treasure these items like she did. How could they connect with like-minded women to sell some of these valuable fashion pieces to and use the earnings to fund her next purchase while de-cluttering her closet?

And thus StylFlip was born.

They believe:

  • Selling should be as easy as buying – Selling on StylFlip is as easy as 1-2-3. Click, list and pack your item. The team at StylFlip will pick it up from you as soon as it finds a buyer.
  • Buying pre-owned should feel as good as buying new – Authenticity, safety and trust are as important to us as they are to you. Their StylFlip Promise takes care of all that and more.
  • Looking good is all about sharing and flaunting – Fashion is a celebration of each one’s unique style and encouraging others to look great. It’s not about fancy Ad campaigns.
  • In making a difference – Whether its reducing carbon footprint by re-fashioning, donating to support a cause cause or fostering a sense of entrepreneurship, they hope to make a difference at every step of the way.

chaayos13. Chaayos:
City: New Delhi
Industry: Cafe, Chai
Founders: Nitin Saluja and Raghav Verma

The concept of chai adda or “Tea Room” took centre stage in our country for many years, with discussions on life, society and politics happening over chai. It was a place that brought together the young and old, rich and not-so-well to do. A kadak chai and samosa shared after work, an irani chai with bun maska over meeting a prospective life partner, or a hot adrak chai in the morning to wake you up – chai was a part of every social setting for us.

Yet somewhere along the line, this rich heritage of chai addas was lost and “Chai” took a backseat – taken over by the multinational coffee chains, suddenly chai was no longer the beverage that we bonded over.

Chaayos was born in November 2012 out of this premise – a contemporary interpretation of the chai adda, serving freshly made chai. Their focus is on serving your “Meri Wali Chai”, a chai made exactly to our customers’ liking the minute they place their order – be it an adrak tulsi kadak chai or a paani kam elaichi cinnamon chai. They offer 25 different types of teas, customisable in 12,000 ways. with 12 add-ons.

Chaayos delivers Tea in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida and one can place orders via their application or may call them directly. As of now, the startup has five outlets around the city.

994376_536535436424217_1133627889_n4. SilverPush
Founders: Hitesh Chawla and Mudit Seth
City: Gurgaon, Haryana
Industry: Advertising

SilverPush is a technology marketing platform for brands to understand and connect with their customers. The startup helps their clients understand if their recent TV commercial is doing well on social media. This helps improve the effectiveness of a campaign, and helps companies make decisions faster, which helps them grow sales and market share at a global scale. This way, clients do not wait until next sales cycle to know if their campaign worked, they know it when they want to know it.

Claiming to be Next generation Advertising 2.0, SilverPush is leading the industry in bridging the customer journey from TV-Search-Social-Mobile, and focusing on deliering a great brand experience for the users. They understand what your customers are looking for, what they are saying and what they do.

– Over 2 million minutes of broadcast TV video is fingerprinted and analysed by SilverPush platform everyday.
– Their GPUs track television across 300 channels.
– In 10 ms they identify what is going on in the television using Artificial intelligence and deep machine intelligence.
– They track over 40 different dimensions of metadata – everything from the brand, agency, actors, products, songs, moods and other pertinent data.

This results in the largest and most comprehensively tagged catalog of TV broadcast data in the world.

5. Consure Medical:
Founders: Nish Chasmawala , Amit Sharma
City: New Delhi
Industry: Medical Device

Founded by a globally diverse and experienced team of engineers, clinicians, designers, and business executives, Consure Medical is an emerging medical device company focused on developing and commercializing novel critical care technologies. Consure is continually innovating new products, expanding its portfolio of critical care solutions to help bridge the chasm in healthcare continuity that currently exits.

The startup’s flagship technology is the Qora Stool Management Kit. Qora is the only stool management device that integrates a hygienic applicator to deploy a diverter inside the rectum by a minimally trained care provider or a motivated family member.

Founded in 2012 by medical device veterans Nishith Chasmawala and Amit Sharma, Consure has brought together a diverse and motivated team to execute on its bold mission of becoming one of the most patient-centric medical device companies in the world. The team brings over 25 years of experience in the medical device industry spanning the US, European, Indian, and Japanese markets. They’re a budding and hungry team of entrepreneurship-minded of technologists, clinicians, and investors that enable us to achieve large milestones in impressive fashion. Most importantly, their multicultural, cross-functional team is what helps get Consure’s technologies to the patients that need it the most.




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