Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian startups that you should check out right...

Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian startups that you should check out right now!


maxresdefault1. Cubeit is a mobile application which lets you collect content from any source, and makes it ridiculously easy to find and share.

Founded in 2014, by Sarthak Jain, Prathmesh Juvatkar, and Nithin Gadiparthi, who came together at IIT Gandhinagar, with a vision to revolutionize the way devices and content interact with each other, Cubeit is backed by early investors IIT Gandhinagar, Asha Jadeja Motwani (a Silicon Valley investor) and also by India’s top Venture Capital funds, Accel Partners and Helion Venture Partners.

How it works:
– Collect: Think of a Cube as a container to put any digital content — links, documents, videos, photos, music — anything at all. Just share content to Cubeit from any app and it will be saved, organized, summarized, and made shareable.
– Curate: Organize your stuff into neat Cubes, irrespective of content type or source. This means a link you like, a photo you’ve taken, or a video from YouTube, all live together. No more switching between apps to view different types of content!
– Consume: You know how links tell you nothing unless you click them and open them in another browser?Cubeit fixes this by displaying all content as cards, which give you important information up front, along with actionable buttons.
– Collaborate: Sharing from Cubeit is easier than ever. Just swipe right on any card or Cube! Any content you or your friends add in a shared Cube instantly synced and saved. It’s a shared Dropbox for every type of content!


“We started out building Cubeit because we realized that your digital life is spread across too many different apps and we wanted to bring it all in one place. We wanted to create one place where you can store anything and everything.

Here’s a use case: You are researching a story on Elon Musk. You get content from multiple sources – Tim Urbans comprehensive article, a Product Hunt link from the Tesla Model X launch, Space X video from YouTube, Musk’s tweets and so much more. On your PC you would open a folder and put all these different types of content into it. On the phone, we’ve built Cubeit to get your apps together.”
Nithin Kumar, wrote on Product Hunt.

Betaout-Marketing-Personalisation-Software-and-Engagement-Platform2. Betaout helps small and large e-commerce businesses do behavioral marketing like Amazon, by understanding their customers and personalizing every single marketing message across all channels to increase conversion.

Founded in 2014, by Mayank Dhingra, Raghubir Thakur, Nandini Rathi, Ankit Maheshwari, and Arhun Maheshwari, Betaout enables marketers to create advance customer segments through a simple drag and drop interface, and then target each customer segment using multiple marketing mediums like push, email, sms, on-site engagement, in-app, and web notifications in a single window.profile The Noida based startup is backed by  Kunal Behl(Founder and CEO, Snapdeal), Anupam Mittal(Founder and CEO, Shaadi.com), Vijay Shekhar Sharma(Founder and CEO, Paytm), Phanindra Sama(Founder, Redbus), Girish Mathrubootham (CEO, Freshdesk), Ashish Kashyap (CEO Ibibo Group) and many more big names. They were also picked up by a U.S based accelerator program – Techstars Chicago 2015, and recognized as the ‘Top 250 most promising startups in Asia’ by Pioneers Asia 250, recently.

3. Simulanis was started back in November 2013, by with a vision to revolutionize engineering learning; a vision to enable every student to visualize different aspects of core engineering chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation and more; a vision to help them practically ‘do’ the stuff sitting at their homes, through industry-wide simulators.

What if students wishing to learn about the operations of an oil refinery, using our products and technologies, they could literally just ‘walk’ into the plant and immerse themselves into an incredible virtual 3D experience, whilst simultaneously training themselves at their own pace and comfort?

What if he could do the same for a pharmaceutical plant, a FMCG production plant, a car manufacturing plant, a power generating plant, and so on?

Simulanis was started to fulfill this dream, by providing  practical learning experience every student deserves and aspires to get, through an industrial-interface. Their products are aiming to solve the most common pain points of most engineers (students, graduates and professionals) who find it difficult to effectively visualize and conceptualize complex engineering subject matter – be it diagrams, schematics, drawings, processes, concepts, laboratory experiments, technical site operations, and so on. Poor visualization, in turn, leads to their poor performance during examinations, job interviews, or applying the technical know-how in industry.

Simulanis, with their technology-driven, immersive and market-disrupting products help increase employability rate of these engineers by bridging the skills-gap through quality learning.

11062362_887517571297229_2665438433499697543_n4. FreshMenu:
Of the many pressing concerns in life, the one that bothers most of the busy, bored and always-on-the-run modern day youth is ‘Food’. Dulled by eating ‘ghar ka khaana’ everyday, the need to go online to look for appetizing cuisine is but natural. To rescue the fresh-food- seekers and the quest to whip up interesting food options in the kitchen led to the inception of FreshMenu-delivering fresh tasty meals at your doorstep!

Based out of Bangalore, FreshMenu was founded by Rashmi Dagga in 2014, and has operations spread out over Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi NCR.

What makes FreshMenu different:
1. Finest Ingredients: All of their produce – from the highest quality sauces, oils and exotic spices from across the world to get that authentic flavour – is freshly sourced and prepared daily.
2. Tempting Menus: Their daily changing menu keeps abreast with the latest food trends and offers a whole new experience everyday.
3. Amazing Chefs: The team of 100+ chefs at FreshMenu constantly explore, innovate and customize various international recipes to suit your taste. Trained from the topmost culinary institutes, all their chefs have years of experience to celebrate.

The Chef Team at FreshMenu.
The Chef Team at FreshMenu.

4. Prepared Fresh: Your meal starts getting prepped only after receiving the order. It’s always fresh, wholesome and delectable. Since, their kitchens are spread all over the city, you can trust your meal to be always piping hot. FreshMenu also promises a 45 minute delivery time.

They raised $16.5 Million in funding in January this year, and reportedly picked up another Rs. 31 Cr last month.

11012080_10153503286353072_62877081654256020_n5. Webkul is a web and mobile product based organization that builds innovative and valuable products, for enterprise level e-commerce sites. Founded by Vipin Sahu, Vipul Yadav and Prakash Sahu, they are ISO and NSR (NASSCOM) certified, and have a team of 100+ employers, that work out of Noida.

Twitter-CoverWebkul has developed more than 700 web extensions and apps in the past 5 years for open source platforms which are used and trusted globally by more than 30000 customers. Their very impressive clientele list includes Princeton University, Intel, Healthkart, Harvard Alumni, UNESCO, Costco, Eurostar, MIT, Bharat Matrimony, University of Queensland, and more.

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