Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indians startups that you should know about!

Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indians startups that you should know about!


1. Takeoff:
To help people interact with experts, two Hyderabadis Sathya & Bhanu Prasad launched Takeoff, an e-consulting platform to seek suggestions and advice for careers, startups, and established businesses. Takeoff helps connecting advice seekers with experts from the industry so that they can be mentored and guided by these experts in areas like business, strategy, career growth etc.

TakeOffAs of today Takeoff has 65 pilots with them which include experts, mentors & investors from various domains. Down the line within 12 months, the goal of this team is to bring in the best pilots from around globe with various industry verticals.


2. StayBazar:

Staybazar Expands Its Portfolio

Staybazar stands different in the online travel market by providing travelers to choose from wider options of stay other than the traditional stay. The alternate stay options such as home stays, guest houses, service apartments, resorts, theme stays, etc. offered by Staybazar starts from Rs 999 and onwards.

“With growing tourism in India, the country still lags with around 1 lakh rooms to accommodate the tourists. The ministry is working on various projects to provide accommodation to the tourists, especially in B and C class cities. Thus, we offer the tourists with comfortable stay across India with alternative stay options other than hotel service.  Staybazar is keen to expand further adding more rooms and properties to balance between the number of travelers and rooms to accommodate them” said Mr Prem Kumar, CEO at Staybazar.

3. Pluss:

Pluss Funding

Based out of Gurgaon, Pluss was incorporated in 2015 by Atit Jain, Madhulika Pandey and Tarun Lawadia after witnessing the country’s largely unorganised health care industry, which is worth billions of dollars. In a country where everything, including groceries and food, is delivered at the doorstep in a short span of time, the problem of timely medicine delivery remained unsolved.

Pluss, an on-demand medicine and healthcare products delivery service, ensures timely delivery of medicines and products to the customer’s doorstep.

4. Keep In Touch:

Kepp In Touch

Did you fill out a feedback form at the elite hotel, but they never connected with you ever since; then you would want to suggest them Keep In Touch.

Mr Apurva Thakkar the MD at Bhavana Televentures, realised that most of the companies lack a robust Database management program and were unaware of the colossal benefits that an organised database management program could bring them.

Using Keep In Touch automated cloud based application aspiring companies can now send e-mail, SMS, flower bouquet, chocolates, cakes, greeting card or gifts to clients, employees, collaborates or whomsoever you wish to keep in touch with. Although as of today Keep In Touch is offering the only limited provisions, they aspire to add luxury inventory in future such as electronics, etc.

The application has a very simple yet attractive interface where entrepreneurs can feed data in to the app and will receive notification on important days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and they can choose to send any of the above mentioned provision. The chosen item will be delivered to the recipient without the sender having to go through any of the trouble of getting the gift and delivering it.

5. RocQ:
Imagine how useful it could be, to figure out the feature, which is a hit amongst your users and the feature that is never used.

rocQ offers the customer a single platform to solve all their app analytics and user engagement related troubles, by taking care of their complete app-marketing lifecycle. Furthermore, the real time monitoring of user data helps identify major technical issues including bugs, crashes and drop-offs. rocQ is able to make all this happen in a code snippet of merely 80 KB. And, all it takes is less than 30 minutes to integrate the code with any mobile application..rocQ Analytics

This article has been adapted from thestartupjournal.




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