Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian Start-ups you should know about.

Weekly Spotlight | 5 Indian Start-ups you should know about.


The-Leather-Laundry-Startup1. The Leather Laundry:
The Leather Laundry, a startup from Delhi is looking to do it differently. “Our target customer segment is a niche market of educated and discerning consumers who seek quality, believe in reducing wastefulness and practice ethical consumerism”- says the Founder, Mallika Sharma. The Leather Laundry is positioning itself as a one-stop-shop for all your leather, suede and fur care needs! They offer professional cleaning, coloring, repairing and restoration services for everything leather, be it shoes, bags or garments!

Besides laundry services, the startup also provides customization services (like embossing of names, initials, one-liners etc). They are also experimenting with bespoke/made-to-order leather apparel.

The founders of the venture have been in the leather industry for 30 solid years. Based out of New Delhi, the parent company (a family enterprise) is one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of leather apparel and accessories. Having worked with some of the most coveted brands spanning over several continents, they take pride in claiming to have the finest technical know-how of leather in the country.

2. Mytaxcafe:
To bridge this gap Mytaxcafe was founded in 2013 by two finance professionals and one software engineer trio, Mytaxcafe aims to provide seamless Tax Filing solutions to the people along with the maximum tax savings to them. It aims to become India’s first one-stop-solution for all Tax based queries like e-filing of Income Tax Return, Assistance in getting tax refunds, Tax Planning, Tax Consultancy etc.

Mytaxcafe has been developed to help individuals to e-file Income Tax Return in the easiest and the quickest manner. Filing of Income Tax Return with mytaxcafe ensures that you do Taxes with 100% Accuracy and you don’t miss out any chance to optimize tax savings. Mytaxcafe has designed simple and short wizards which helps to calculate your maximum tax savings.

Through Mytaxcafe, an initiative has been taken to speed up the e-filing process by designing the data capturing process from user after a great research so that the user may locate/ trace the source documents from where the data is entered. Furthermore, great care has been taken to curtail redundant inputs.

O2Nutritions3. O2Nutritions:
O2Nutritions strives to set a new benchmark in the e-health & wellness niche by creating an interactive website where users could ask for advice from a Transformation Specialist based on their fitness level and goals.

The New Delhi based startup co-founded by Gaurav Arora, an International Marketing Master’s from England who married his Global eCommerce experience with a Passion for Fitness and sprinkled it with his desire to help the Indian community step-up on their fitness game. Explaining the business model, Arora, says, “There is a growing consciousness in the Indian consumers when it comes to Fitness but there is also a serious lack of knowledge about nutrition, diet and overall well being, which we intend to change and in turn streamline their efforts to visible results.”

The young and growing company makes it more convenient and interactive for customers by drafting out a PDF file encompassing a 12 week Transformation Guide including a diet plan, workout regimen and also suggested supplements, if the customer has shown interest in them. It also showcases hundreds of top dietary supplements for both Men and Women ranging from Vitamins & Minerals, Well-being supplements, Whey Proteins and Weight Gainers.

Medyog4. Medyog:
Medyog, a venture launched as Beta in 2014, finally went public in January 2015 with the mission to bring transparency in Healthcare Industry, from making it a completely doctor driven industry to a doctor-patient driven one. Medyog enables users to not just discover prices, compare offerings and make a smart choice based on real reviews and ratings of the centers, but also passes on huge discounts for the tests/packages.

Not just this, it also facilitates the users with online reports which they can share with the doctors and family members. It also allows multiple profiles under one account so that one person can manage the whole family healthcare needs at one place.

Another most interesting feature provided by Medyog is, a person have his/her Personal Online Repository: A secured interface storing all their medical records online which reduces the hassle of carrying medical files every time they visit a doctor.

www.i-lend.in India's Peer-To-Peer Investment Portal5. i-lend:
i-lend is a marketplace for peer-to-peer loans and seeks to match people who need money with people who have surplus money. This way i-lend eliminates the middleman, in this case, banks or NBFCs who raise money at a cost and lend it at a higher price thereby making money on the arbitrage. This arbitrage or the spread that the banks and NBFCs charge can be passed on to borrowers in terms of lower interest rates and the lenders get a much better return on their investment by lending directly to borrowers than on conventional financial products like savings banks and FDs.

Although www.i-lend.in works as a marketplace, it provides several value added services to both the borrowers and lenders. For the borrowers, it verifies their credentials, calculates their disposable incomes and matches with their loan repayment capability, performs full KYC of the borrowers and helps them build a credit story for themselves on i-lend.  For lenders, i-lend performs all the necessary due diligence on the borrowers. It gives them an analysis of the repayment the borrowers can safely make by calculating their income to expenditure ratio, performs physical residence and work place verification and subsequently facilitates full documentation and loan management for lenders which includes cheque deposit services, back-end MIS etc.

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