What are the career possibilities after B.Sc in IT?

What are the career possibilities after B.Sc in IT?

Technology is the best invention of man. The IT sector can't cease to boom. Let's explore what are career possibilities after B. Sc IT.


Career Possibilities after B.Sc IT
Career Possibilities after B.Sc IT
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Bachelor’s of Science is one the most sought-after career possibility among Science students. Students interested in computers can opt for B.Sc in IT for a more field oriented study of Information Technology. Let’s explore what are the career possibilities after B.Sc in Information Technology.

The course comprises understanding the complexities of storing, processing, securing and managing Information. It’s a 3-year undergraduate program about Information Databases, Networks, software development & testing and programming.

Eligibility criteria to enrol for the program

Other than finding computers a delight, students must have opted for Science stream in school. Minimum marks criteria are 50% (PCM subjects) in 12th Board examination.

Technology is an attribute that aids mankind. IT sector is believed to still boom. This implies there is a great scope for a career in this sector.

Opportunities one can avail after B. Sc IT

  • IT Engineer
  • Associate Engineer
  • Systems Manager/Engineer
  • Database Manager
  • Database Security Professional
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester

IT Engineer:

Career Possibilities after B.Sc IT
Role of an IT Engineer
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IT engineers are asked to solve a variety of technological challenges. Their role also includes creating new technologies, the building of networking solutions and software programs.

Associate Engineer:

Associate Engineers work under the supervision of a senior engineer. The associate engineer performs engineering work, assists senior-level engineers. They help employers with computer hardware, software and networking tools.

Systems Manager/Engineer:

Systems Manager is accountable for the planning and engineering of an organisation’s systems infrastructure. The role includes implementation and design of hardware and software.

Database Manager:

A DB manager functions to create and maintain databases. Database managers are responsible for backing up and restoration of data. They are required to attach and detach, create, clone, delete and rename the databases.

Database Security Professional:

Career Possibilities after B.Sc IT
Career Possibilities in IT
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Database Security Professionals are required to use their technical knowledge to protect and secure systems, information and data. They are an asset to a company as they help in maintaining the integrity, confidentiality of their products.

Software Developer:

Software developers design software. They draft software for the clients to use. The job of a developer is to grind out code, code for new products, fix existing database for maintenance.

Career Possibilities after B. Sc IT
Software Engineering opportunities
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Software Tester:

Once a software is designed, companies need professionals to test their product. Software testers are people who come into play for this role. The role demands to check the proper functioning of the product, bug fixing, maintenance and management of software systems.

If you are exploring options to move ahead in this field, you can decide to set up your own venture. Going for M.Sc. is also a good idea. Or you can choose to opt for MBA as it will instil Business and Management skills. Keep exploring and let us know your views in the comments.

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