What are the career possibilities after B.Sc in Physics?

What are the career possibilities after B.Sc in Physics?

Explore the physical and meta- physical realities of career possibilities after B. Sc in Physics.


career possibilities
Explore your career possibilities from the Universe (Source: hiup.org)

Einstein? Tesla? Faraday? Schrodinger? Hawking? You must have spent days idolising these iconic luminaries of the Physical Sciences. And no wonder you chose your career to gravitate toward Physics. You, as a person of Science just can’t fancy ambiguity- certain inferences need to be drawn after experimentation. Let’s explore how you can throw the career namely projectile of your life without any friction or resistance. The only currents flowing shall be positive, indicating the variables you have to acknowledge the career possibilities after B. Sc in Physics.

Charge your career-cathode with these career possibilities after B. Sc in Physics

B. Sc in physics is a field of study that incorporates an understanding of natural Sciences and its components such as Time, Space, Motion, Matter, Energy, Force and all that falls under this Universe.

Eligibility criteria to enrol for the program

Not only should you be fascinated by our uncanny Universe and its whacky working but must have opted for Science stream in school. Minimum marks criteria are 50% (PCM subjects) in 12th Board examination.

As of now, we have concluded that the Universe is limitless. If you can get the Curious Curie in you to keep exploring, the success of your career will also be limitless!

Opportunities one can avail after B. Sc Physics

career possibilities
Choose from various Physics career possibilities (Source: onlinecolleges.net)

One can avail many options after  B. Sc Physics degree depending on the areas of interest and specialisation. You can pick:

  • B.Ed
  • B.Tech Electronics
  • M. Sc Acoustics
  • M. Sc Applied Electronics
  • M. Sc Astronomy
  • M. Sc Astrophysics
  • M. Sc Electronics
  • M. Sc Geophysics
  • M. Sc Medical Physics
  • M. Sc Nuclear physics
  • M. Sc Physics
  • M. Sc Physics
  • M. Sc Vacuum Sciences
  • Master in Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Masters Degree Physics
  • MBA
  • MCA
  • PG Diploma in Physics
  • Postgraduate Certificate and Diplomas Physics
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education Physics

Doctorate in Physics

  • Doctor of Phil Physics
  • MD Physics
  • M.Phil Physics
  • Master of Research in Physics
  • PhD Physics  
    Career Possibilities
    Get into the depths of Physics (Source: space.com)

Furthermore, Physics students may enter the physics divisions or the R&D dept of leading automobile majors, the aircraft industry etc. One can also look forward to becoming a Physics teacher or professor. If you still can’t hit the bullseye, you can take a month’s gap after B. Sc in Physics and binge watch The Big Bang Theory, get obsessed with Dr Sheldon Cooper and then decide!

Let us know your axioms and postulates in the comments 90 degrees South to this blog!

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