What He Did with his Summer Internship with Gurgaon Police

What He Did with his Summer Internship with Gurgaon Police

Gurgaon Police's Summer Internship Programme bore fruits. Intern develops software to detect and block explicit images.


Vipul Yadav, the man of the hour made the best of his summer internship.
Vipul Yadav, the man of the hour made the best of his summer internship (Hindustan Time).

What do you get when you take the youthful brain of an intern and give him opportunities to do something great? You get something tremendous and great, as did Gurgaon police. During a summer internship programme with Gurgaon police’s cyber security, Vipul Yadav developed a groundbreaking tool to tackle cyber crime.

The man of the hour; Vipul Yadav

Vipul, a student of Delhi Technical University (DTU), participated in the programme conducted by Gurgaon Police and his interest in the field helped him explore new horizons and develop a software that is really needed in today’s time and world. He developed the software by using 150 images of different body parts to make the tool more aware. The idea was to help the tool understand the issues concerning nudity and pornography and detect them.

About the tool itself

This unique software has been developed by incorporating the software language, Python and be alert to use of pornographic images or nudes. The tool was trained using neutral networks to know and identify different body parts and tell which images are pornographic and which are not.

Once fully functional, it will be able to detect explicit images and block or blur them. It is also being developed as a tool that can be used by parents to keep a tab on what is going on in their ward’s phone or computer.

Word of appreciation

Though still in the beta stage, this tool is already being appreciated all over, with the noted name of Gurgaon’s Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar joining the list. Mr. Khirwar has expressed interest in the software and has said that “The research and tools developed during the cyber internship programme must have expanded the students’ vision and given them the hunger to do more as the field of cyber security is very layered.”

His pride in the summer internship programme and the students participating in it is evident, and why not! Mr. Khirwar felicitated 101 students who had participated in the programme and a breakthrough development has been made in his area.

“The work done by students and the cooperation accorded by the police has been exceptional and it has helped in great learning,” said Rakshit Tandon, cyber security expert and the man under whom the summer internship programme was conducted.

Vipul Yadav has surely made everyone proud with his fabulous internship stint. His story does not have to be singular, for you can pull something brilliant off too by participating actively in internships and giving your best to it. Choose an internship whether it be summer or virtual internship, which will add on to your skills and your area of interest. The key is to do what you enjoy and then there will be no stopping you from reaching the stars.