Which Are Some Well Paid Internships In Gurgaon

Which Are Some Well Paid Internships In Gurgaon



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A good internship can be the start of a fulfilling career. It can help you figure out what you want and set the stones for a great career ahead.

Of course, internships do a lot for your job resume and tempt the recruiters to hire you.

So, today we will focus on such paid internships in Gurgaon, which will help you build on your skills while adding to your pocket and experience.


Sales & Marketing Executive – Outlook Magazine

Launched in 1995, Outlook is India’s most vibrant current affairs magazine. Since its inception, Outlook has stood among its competitors. And, a paid internship with Outlook can prove to be a boon for your career.

This Sales & Marketing Executive internship will teach you how to develop a killer strategy and understand the market. It will teach you how to augment business on the internet, build a network and understand the consumer.

And, that is not it, at the end of the internship you get an internship certificate, appreciation letter, a chance to move and grow within the organization and a stipend of Rs 5000 – 10000.


Intern – Wedding Hire

Weddings in India are such high affairs. It is the perfect time for people to bond, connect, dress pretty and have a heavy dose of fun. All the reason why this internship with Wedding Hire is probably the most fun of all the paid internships in Gurgaon.

At this internship, you will be required to solicit information regarding potential vendor services, learn about their business and document the information. You will also have to validate the data received to ensure that quality is maintained. Apart from that, you will be required to educate potential vendor and make them a part of the Wedding Hire family.

With a great stipend of Rs 10000 – 14987, the Wedding Hire is a great opportunity for all looking to get in this field.


Technical Editor – Proche

A leading core technology publication, Proche covers news from Blockchain, IoT, AI, and Electronics Design. With an enthusiastic team of creative people around it, Proche works to tell interesting stories in its technology editorial.

With a stipend of Rs 3000 – 60000, Proche stands as one of the highest paid internships in Gurgaon. Apart from the great pay, the perks of interning here include your internet bills taken care of and the travel expenses covered.

And, to be a part of this Technical Editor internship, you need to have a thorough command over the English language and be willing to do proper research on any given topic.


Social Media Marketing – BYO – Your Travel Network

Driven by a passionate urge to change the experience of travelers, explores and digital nomads and make it more defined and fulfilled, BYO has launched its full-on travel network.

With a great work environment, and a chance to interact with travelers from across the globe, BYO is full of amazing perks.

Add to all that a stipend of Rs 6000 – 10000 and you have a nearly perfect paid internship in Gurgaon.

With BYO- your travel network, you will have to move across Instagram to identify and target avid travelers. You will be expected to help the company to build a great social media presence and target travel groups on Facebook and other platforms.


Software Developer Intern – Marketopper Security PVT LTD

A great learning opportunity, this Software Developer Internship is an ideal start for anyone willing to take their development skills a notch higher.

With a whopping stipend of Rs 25000, this is one of the best-paid internships for those ready to challenge themselves.

The perks of working here also include breakfast and evening snacks along with a shared office space.

Seeking hard working and committed individuals, Marketopper Security PVT LTD intends to let the interns face challenging tasks, take responsibilities and learn to grow in a fun office environment.

So, opt for these brilliant paid internships in Gurgaon to enjoy the best of these learning and earning opportunities. For more internships in the field of your choice, you can check out the LetsIntern portal.